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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Tuesday, June 25th

2:47AM: Officers were dispatched to Kent Street for a report of a suspicious person. The reporting party witnessed a man trying to gain entry into multiple vehicles. Police were able to locate the suspect. Through a “Show Up ID,” the reporting party was able to confirm the identity of the subject. The man was arrested for trespassing and attempted breaking and entering.

5:54AM: Police responded to a radio call for an attempted breaking and entering on Park Street. The reporting party explained that he woke up around 5AM to the sound of his dog barking in the kitchen. This was odd for his dog so he took it out for a walk. When he returned at 5AM he noticed the window was half way up and a small potted plant was in the parking lot behind his house. The reporting party believes someone was attempting to break in when his dog scared them away. Police are investigating this case.

1:43PM: A citizen turned in found property to an officer near the Saint Mary’s T Stop. The reporting party found a set of keys hooked onto the fence. The key ring has a silver and white cat charm on it. Police have secured this item in a locker for safe keeping.

4:56PM: Officers were dispatched to a residence on Harvard Place for a possible attempted breaking and entering. The reporting party was awoken by a noise outside his apartment at approximately 5:30AM. He went to the bathroom and did not notice anything out of the ordinary. At 7:30AM, when he was leaving for work he noticed his window screen missing. He later found it leaning up against the side of the house. Nothing of value appears to have been taken from the home. This case is under investigation. 

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