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Monday, November 26, 2018

Saturday, November 24th

9:02AM- Officers noticed an empty package at the corner of Saint Paul Street and Thatcher Street and another package in front of a building on Saint Paul Street.  The officers proceeded to the address listed on the first package where the recipient informed officers that she had ordered a package that was confirmed delivered but had not received it.  This case is under investigation.

Officers proceeded to the address on the second package.  The owner was able to be contacted by cellphone who confirmed ordering the package on 11/9.  The package was confirmed delivered on 11/23.  The contents were still in the package.  This case is being investigated.

9:53AM- While investigating package thefts officers found an empty plastic shipping bag on Naples Road.  A package theft had recently occurred at the address where this package was found.  The delivery address was located on the shipping label.  When officers arrived at the address they spoke with the person the package was addressed to.  She confirmed placing an order on 10/20 and had received a delivery confirmation.  This case is being investigated.

9:37AM- Officers located an empty box on the corner of Pleasant Street and John Street.  They were unable to locate an owner.  This case is under investigation.

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