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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Monday, November 26th

 Monday, November 26th
11:09- A dog bite was reported by a client of a doggy day care in Brookline.  The reporting party reported sending her dog to the day care on Beacon Street on 11/17 around 4:00PM.  She received a message from the owner of the day care stating that her dog had been attacked by another dog and sustained an injury.  The dog belonged to the owner of the day care.  The owner of the victim noticed a large gash on her dogs left cheek when she arrived.  This case is under investigation. 

5:28PM- Officers responded to a report of an indecent assault and battery at a business on Beacon Street.  Upon arrival officers were met by the female victim and the store manager.  The victim reported she was waiting to pay at the register at the front of the store when a male, standing behind her, grabbed the bottom and under area of her buttocks over her pants.  She stated that she did not consent to it. She turned and looked at the individual who appeared as if nothing had happened, then he exited the store. The victim left the store and returned about an hour later and reported the assault. The store manager called the police and then began viewing the camera footage on the in-store surveillance system.  He was joined a short time later by the responding officers. The surveillance footage showed the assault as the victim described it. It also showed the suspect re-enter the store a short time after the incident, purchase an item and exit the store again. As an officer concluded his viewing of the camera footage he exited the security office and noticed an individual matching the suspect’s description in the rear of the store.  Officers were able to positively identify the man as the suspect and placed under arrest. He was charged with Indecent Assault and Battery on a person over 14 years of age. 

5:45PM- A shoplifting incident report was taken on Beacon Street.  A store employee reported at 3:21PM a young male walked into the store and stood around the playing cards for about two minutes.  He then walked to the back of the store and left about two minutes later.  The employee then looked at the cards section and noticed a deck of cards missing.  He exited the store to look for the young male.  He observed him running east on Beacon Street towards Coolidge Corner.  This case is being investigated. 

7:07PM- Officers were dispatched to Kent Street for a report of a package theft.  The complainant reported ordering a package.  He believes he saw the package on the table inside his building on 11/24 when he was leaving however when he returned home later in the day there were no packages addressed to him.  The package was inside of a secure second door of the front vestibule.  Officers observed several packages addressed to other occupants of the building.  The package was confirmed delivered on 11/24.  This case is under investigation.

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