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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tuesday, November 27th

8:30AM- A report was taken on Wolcott Road.  The reporting party stated she received a phone call on the family’s home line on 11/26.  The husband picked up the phone.  A male voice stated that a family member of theirs had been arrested in Baltimore and ended the call.  The phone rang again thirty minutes later in which the wife picked up the phone.  She reported the male on the phone stated he was the family members defense attorney, relayed the crime involved and stated she needed to send bail money.  He informed her that the money needed to be in cash.  He instructed her to go to the bank, withdraw the cash and call him.  She withdrew the cash from a bank and called the individual when she returned home.  He told her to send the cash to a location in New York and once he received the bail money her family member would be released from jail.  On 11/27 she received a call at 9:00AM that the defense attorney had received the money.  The reporting party called the family member a few hours later and was told he had never been arrested in Baltimore as he lives in another state.  The reporting party then notified the police.

8:30PM- Officers were dispatched to Kent Street for a package theft report.  The complainant reported leaving her apartment at 7:15PM and noticing her package inside the locked door but did not bring the package to her apartment.  When she arrived home at 8:30PM she saw her package was gone.  This case is under investigation.

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