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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tuesday, September 18th


On Tuesday, September 18th three reports were filed on larcenies from the job site at Brookline Place that occurred throughout the past few days.  One worker explained to officers that welding lead was left at the construction site at 3:30 PM on 9/14/18.  When he returned to the site on 9/17/18 around 7:30 AM the welding lead was missing. Another worker reported he left the job site on 9/15/18 around 4:00 PM.  When he returned to the site on 9/17/18 around 7:00 AM he noticed two copper welding cables and four heavy cables with ground clamps were missing.  The last report detailed that a worker left the site on 9/17/18 around 3:00 PM.  When he returned on 9/18/18 around 7:00 AM he noticed items four copper welding cables were missing.  There were also items taken over the weekend.  This case is under investigation.

*9/16/18 (Dog Bite)
11:25 PM- Officers responded to a dog bite call on Beacon Street.  Upon arrival an officer met with the victim who was at the time receiving medical attention.  Officers viewed the victim to be bleeding from the mouth area with a large amount of blood on her shirt and face.  An officer spoke with the dog owner who reported she was sitting at a sidewalk table with a friend and her dog by her side on a leash.  She noticed two females exit an Uber ride and walk toward the building she was sitting in front of.  She stated suddenly, without asking for permission, the victim knelt over and grabbed the dog by the neck and ears with both hands and pushed her face towards the dogs face.  She says her dog was startled and bit the woman on the face.  The owner explained to the officer that her dog is a friendly rescue dog that she has had for 6 years with no previous incidents.  The friend who was sitting at the table at the time of the incident stated separately that the victim suddenly approached and knelt toward the dog and placed her face into the dogs face.  The dog then bit her.  An officer also spoke with the victim’s friend who stated she was walking behind the victim when the victim approached the dog.  She reports the victim leaned toward the dog and was bit.  Brookline Health Department was notified as well as Animal Control. 

An officer observed the dog to be calm and petted by a few people with no issues.  Based on the initial investigation and observations it is believed that the dog was provoked by the victim when she leaned toward the dog.  At this time there are no by-law violations.  The dog has been place on a 10 day quarantine.

*9/14/18 (Armed Robbery)
On September 14, 2018, at approximately 11:13pm, multiple Brookline Units responded to 400 Heath St (Pine Manor) for an armed robbery called in by a friend of the victim. Officers spoke with the victim, who is a student at 400 Heath St. The victim stated that he had been in the East Village parking lot speaking to a friend on his cell phone. He was approached by two black males from an unknown direction. Suspect #1 asked the victim if he had a minute to speak. The victim stated that he was on the phone and could not. Suspect #1 then pulled up his sweatshirt displaying a firearm. Suspect #1 then demanded the victim to hand over the cell phone which he did. Suspect #1 had the victim unlock the cell phone by entering the password. Suspect #1 told him to hand over anything else that the victim had, so he gave the suspect his Student ID. The victim then pulled his pants pockets out to show them that he did not have anything else. Suspect #1 then told the victim to turn around. When the victim turned around, he began running away toward the East Village common area. The victim heard a pop that he stated sounded like an air soft gun/BB gun going off. The victim was unsure which direction that the suspects fled. The victim stated that Suspect #1 had his right hand on the firearm while it was in his waistband throughout the incident. He did not observe Suspect #1 take the firearm out during the encounter. The firearm was described as a black semi-automatic pistol with a white slide. Suspect #1 was described as a skinny dark skinned black male in his 20s, approximately 6'4"-6'5" tall, with a goatee, wearing a light gray hooded sweatshirt, and exercise pants (unknown color).Suspect #2 was described as a skinny dark skinned black male in his 20s, around 6'2" tall, and possibly as gray or black hooded sweatshirt. Both males had the hoods pulled over their heads. The matter is under investigation.

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