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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Two Arrested in Connection with Stolen Backpack

Two Arrested in Connection with Stolen Backpack

On September 10, 2017 a Brookline resident had his bag stolen while attending church services in Boston. His black targus backpack contained an Apple Ipod mini, laptop, both his Chilean and US passports, notebooks, sweater and medication were stolen. A report was filed with the Boston Police.

On 9/11/17 the reporting party contacted the Brookline Police regarding possible extortion. The reporting party received a call from an unknown number and stated to him that they were in possession of his items. They further stated that they were homeless and were in difficult financial times and would need $2,000 in order to return the bag and items.  The party on the other line said he would give him until noon the next day (9/12/17) to come up with the money and contact him.  The reporting party stated that it was a male voice on the other end and that the party gave the name of "Jason." 

On 9/12/17 Brookline Detectives advised the reporting party to contact the person who he spoke to regarding the backpack and items inside. He contacted the number an arranged a meet at 1 Brookline Place at 12:00 PM.  Detectives went to the area to conduct surveillance.  The suspect and reporting party spoke several times via phone and text.  The suspect stated over the phone that if there were any cops around that he would run.  A while later on the suspect contacted the reporting party and stated that he could not meet up at the agreed upon time and agreed to reduce his price to return the items for $1,500 at 3:00 PM.

At 3:00 PM the suspect contacted the reporting party numerous times attempting to reschedule and change locations of their meeting.  The reporting party stated that he still wanted to meet him there, 1 Brookline Place, as it was a safe place outside of his "work." 

At approximately 4:38 PM the suspect informed the reporting party to meet him at a location in the area of Harvard Street. A short time later detectives observed a male attempting to get the attention of the reporting party. The male at this time was believed to be the suspect. The reporting party and the suspect were observed speaking to each other and then separated.

During their conversation it was determined that the suspect did not have the bag and or the property on him. The suspect’s girlfriend had it and she was in the area. While the two, suspect and reporting party were separated the reporting party updated the police giving the name of the suspect’s girlfriend, which was furnished by the suspect. Officers recognized the girlfriend’s name as someone they were familiar with from previous incidents and arrests.

The suspect, under visual surveillance, was observed by police in the area of a bus hut at 99 Harvard Street. A woman, believed to be the suspect’s girlfriend, was also observed sitting in the bus hut holding a black backpack.  A short time later the suspect attempted to board a number 65 MBTA bus. Officers stopped the two and questioned them about the property in their possession. The suspect stated "the backpack" pointing to the black backpack and he began to cry that he was in a "bad place" and "knew he shouldn't have done it" but both of them were homeless and just trying to get money to try and keep afloat. The suspect claimed that he had found the black pack in the area of the Hynes Convention Center.  Police searched the backpack and revealed obvious ownership by the reporting party in the bag including his birth certificate and passports.

Both the suspect and the girlfriend were placed under arrest for Receiving Stolen Property Over $250. The reporting party’s property was returned to him.

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