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Thursday, July 6, 2017



12:00 a.m.: An officer returned a found phone to the front desk of the police station. The cell phone had been found at Larz Anderson Park. A previously dialed number was called and the individual was advised the cell phone was at the Brookline Police Department.

1:29 a.m.: While patrolling Skyline Park, officers observed a small fire inside of a town trash receptacle. During a closer assessment, officers observed a small package of fireworks on top of the receptacle. The Brookline Fire Department arrived on scene to extinguish the fire and did not find anything suspicious. No one was in the park at the time, but a surveillance camera may have captured the incident.

10:35 a.m.: An officer was dispatched to an address on Brookline Avenue for a graffiti complaint. Upon arrival, the reporting party and owner of the property stated the graffiti appeared sometime within the last week. The Community Service Division will be notified in an attempt to identify the tagger.

11:15 a.m.: An individual reported he was a victim of fraud. He stated that he had received a call from a company stating that his account was outstanding and he would need to pay via Moneypak to ensure his business would have electricity. The reporting party did so and received various calls requesting more payments. He contacted the company to discover the call was a scam. At the station, the party contacted the number and received a name and address not linked with the company and the phone number was tracked to a person and location.

7:01 p.m.: A citizen provided an officer with a wallet he had found on the side of the road near Beacon Street and Amory Street. Officers were unable to find a way to contact the owner and the wallet has been placed into evidence for safekeeping.

5:00 p.m.: A citizen approached an officer at the intersection of Beacon Street and Pleasant Street stating he had found some money and credit cards at Beacon Street and St. Paul Street. A license was among the items and the owner was contacted and will be retrieving his belongings.

7:00 p.m.: An officer observed a vehicle take a left turn onto Beacon Street from Harvard Street. This turn is not permitted and the officer conducted a traffic stop. The officer requested the operator’s driver’s license and registration which the operator initially declined; however, he did produce both items and was informed of the reason for the stop. Dispatch then informed the officer that the operator’s license was suspended. He was placed under arrest for operating after suspension and was issued a citation for Operating After Suspension, Refusal to Produce Driver’s License and Registration, and Posted No Left Turn. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

8:45 p.m.: A citizen filed a theft of a license plate report. When the owner’s vehicle was towed to a dealership due to an accident she requested her registration plates be removed from the vehicle. However, this request was not completed prior to the vehicle being towed to another location. The second towing company stated they did not have the plates and they were not on the vehicle when it was towed on 6/27. On 6/25, while still at the original dealership, the registration plates were still on the vehicle. 

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