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Monday, June 19, 2017

6/16 - 6/18

3:35 am: Officers on patrol preformed a query on a vehicle that had been parked in the same spot since 6/12/17 on Beacon St. It was discovered that the vehicle was reported stolen out of Boston on 6/12/17. Boston Police were notified of the recovery and the vehicle was towed away. Boston Police advised they would be making the recovery notification.

9:00 am: An officer at Brookline High School was notified that two laptops were taken sometime within the last twenty four hours. One teacher stated she put her laptop in her desk at 3:30 pm on 6/15/17 and returned on 6/16/17 to find it gone. The second laptop was put in a desk at 3:45 pm on 6/15/17 and also missing the morning of 6/16/17. Another teacher reported her laptop went missing from the building on 5/31/17. Some cash was also missing from a teacher’s desk.

11:30 am: An officer responded to Brookline High School regarding a theft. The reporting party stated that the digital cameras used for her class that are in a locked locker were missing. This was the second camera to go missing.

4:19 pm: An officer responded to a car rental company on Commonwealth Ave for a report of a stolen motor vehicle. The stolen vehicle was described as a black SUV. The reporting party stated an employee was washing the SUV in the parking lot and stepped away from the car for a brief moment. When he returned to the car, a male, assumed to be a customer, was sitting in the driver’s seat. After the employee approached him and the two spoke briefly, the unidentified male pulled out of the parking space and hit a yellow pole causing minor damage to the front right side of the vehicle. The car then fled onto Commonwealth Ave. The suspect was described as a middle-aged, dark skinned male, 5'9", medium build, wearing a navy blue baseball hat, black sun glasses, a dark sleeveless tank top and dark colored shorts. The suspect also had a slight, possibly Spanish, accent.

9:31 am: An officer responded to Babcock St. for a town property damage crash. A delivery truck was backing out of an alleyway with his vision obstructed and struck a town light pole with his right rear bumper, causing the pole to crack above the base and bend toward the roadway. There was no discernable damage to truck bumper and no injuries.

6:00 pm: An officer responded to Regent Circle on a report of fraudulent credit card use. The victim stated she received an alert detailing several credit card charges. After realizing she didn’t make such purchases, she discovered that she lost her wallet. The reporting party stated she was in a clothing store at around 3:00 pm and must’ve lost her wallet while in the store. She was advised to terminate her credit card account and monitor her personal information through credit card bureaus.

11:55 am: An officer on traffic duty at a church on Linden Place. The officer observed a Tall black male wearing a blue hospital scrub top, a black hat, and black pants with a large suite case. A minute later, dispatch gave out a report of a shoplifter from a store, with the description matching the male the officer had just spotted. The officer joined two other officers who were questioning the suspect. When looking through the suitcase, the officers observed that the items matched the description of the items taken from the store. A store employee stated he seen the suspect put several items in his suitcase and attempt to leave the store before being he confronted the suspect. The suspect denied the theft and left. Based on the footage from a security camera, the man officers spoke was confirmed as the suspect and was placed under arrest.

8:06 pm:  An officer responded to a store on Commonwealth Ave for a report of shoplifting.

The manager stated he saw the male enter the store at around 8:00 pm with a flat, empty draw string backpack and when he attempting to exit the bag looked full. The manager confronted the male party at the front of the store and asked him to return the items. The male party exited the store on a bike. The suspect is described as a white male, thin, 50's, wearing a gray hat, black jump suit, and a black drawstring bag while riding a black bike. 

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