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Thursday, May 18, 2017

5/16 - 5/17

5/16/17 – Credit Card Fraud
An officer at the front desk was approached by a woman who wanted to report fraudulent use of her Credit Card. The subject stated she is in possession of the card, but somehow someone got her credit card number and used it in another state, making several charges.

5/16/17 – Shoplifting
An officer responded to a store on Beacon St for a possible shoplifting. The store manager stated a male described as black, in his 50's, wearing all black with a black hat had stolen several items. The suspect was spotted in the store parking lot and stopped by another officer. A search of the subject revealed the items the store manager observed him steal. The subject was then placed under arrest.

5/17/17 – Warrant Arrest

An officer in the area of Boylston St. and Heath St. observed a black Saab traveling at a high rate of speed. The officer followed the vehicle and conducted a motor vehicle stop at Boylston St. and High St. and informed the operator of the reason for the stop and requested his license and the vehicle's registration. The operator stated that his license was suspended, and he could not produce either.  A query of the subject revealed that he had a Suspended MA license and also had a warrant for his arrest. The subject was placed under arrest without incident.

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