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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


5/15/17 – Suspicious Activity
An officer responded to Station St for a suspicious activity call. The reporting party stated that she was walking down Kent St around 0830hrs this morning, when the rear door of a stopped maroon van opened and a male subject told her to get in the van. The reporting party ignored the male and continued walking home to contact the police. The maroon van was described as beat up with no distinctive markings on it. The male was described as White male, in his 50's, facial hair, skinny, and wearing a hat. There were two other white males were in the front seats of the van but, she was unable to describe those two males.

5/15/17 – Larceny
An officer responded to call for a package theft in an apartment on Egmont St. The reporting party stated that on 5/14/17 a package was ordered to be delivered. She went to answer a knock on the door that was believed to be the delivery person. When she opened the door, she saw children that lived upstairs walking by with what looked like the package. The officer spoke with the mother of the children who said the children did not come in with any package.

5/15/17 – Not Duly Licensed

An officer on patrol observed a black Volvo traveling on Dean Rd. that failed to stop at a stop sign at the intersection of Clinton Rd and Dean Rd. The officer initiated a traffic stop and approached the operator. After the officer informed of her the reason for the stop and requested a license, the operator stated did not have her out of country license in her possession. A query of the operator’s information using her passport revealed she did not have an in state license and she was issued a court summons.

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