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Monday, May 15, 2017

5/12 -5/14

5/12/17 – Shoplifting
Officers responded to a store on Beacon St for a recent shoplifting. The suspect was described as a white male with a pony tail and sunglasses, approximately 5' 8", wearing a gray sweat shirt. An employee saw the suspect filling two reusable bags full of expensive meats and told the manager. The suspect then ran out of the store carrying the two bags of goods. The store manager contacted the police and followed the suspect from the store to St Paul St where the police located them and placed the suspect under arrest.

5/12/17 - Shoplifting
Officers observed a suspect just released for a previous offense speed walking on Harvard St. towards a store. Based on previous interactions with the suspects, the officers continued to surveil him as he entered the store. Officers spotted the suspect concealing items in a bag and walking towards the store exit. After an employee attempted to stop the suspect and see what was in his bag, the officers intervened and placed the suspect under arrest.

5/12/2017 – Larceny
An officer responded to a gym on Beacon St for a past larceny. The victim stated he entered the gym at 0615hrs and put his jacket and wallet in a locked locker. The key remained with him until he entered the shower and hung his key on a towel rack. It was at this time that the victim believes his key was taken and used to access his locker. After returning to his locker and leaving, the victim realized his wallet was gone. He returned to find no one turned in his wallet and at this time, the police were contacted.

5/12/17 – Disorderly Person
Officers responded to Longwood Ave for a report of past suspicious activity. The reporting party stated that approximately 2-3 weeks ago, he was walking his dog around the neighborhood late at night he observed a lighter skinned Black or Hispanic/Latino man, husky build, approximately 5'8", walking back and forth from the windows of his neighbor’s basement apartment. The reporting party stated he seen the man acting similarly previously but did not think it odd. He believed this individual to be a "peeping tom," and confronted the suspicious person before he ran in an unknown direction. Officers advised the resident of the apartment to keep her blinds closed and told the reporting party to contact police if they see any other suspicious persons. 

5/12/17 - Credit Card Fraud
An officer responded to a store on Beacon St for a report of possible credit card fraud. An employee stated that when the suspect attempted to make a purchase, the card came up as unauthorized twice and the name on the card didn’t fit the suspect. After refusing to provide identification, the suspect left the store in a gray Mercedes. The employee then contacted the police. An officer stopped a vehicle matching the description and questioned the operator. The reporting party was brought over and identified the operator as the suspect. She was then placed under arrest.

5/12/17 – Warrant Arrest
An officer responded to Harvard St for a report of two males fighting. The reporting party stated she was walking in the area and noticed two males fighting in front of a bar on Harvard St. She described one male as a black or Hispanic male with dark hair in a ponytail carrying a black bag over his shoulder. The other male was described as a black or Hispanic male with short dark hair, 6 feet tall, wearing a red jacket. The fight ended and the males ran off. An officer in another area observed three dark-skinned males including the two matching the description. Other officers arrived to assist and one of the males admitted to being involved in the fight. While identifying the three males, a warrant was discovered for one of them and he was placed under arrest.

5/13/17 – Motor Vehicle Accident
An off duty officer driving on Washington Street, came across a single car motor vehicle accident. He requested on duty officers arrive on scene and checked on the driver who was uninjured. The motor vehicle had struck a cement light pole The driver stated that he believes he may have fallen asleep behind the wheel and was awaken from the impact of his motor vehicle.

5/13/17 – Motor Vehicle Accident
An officer responded to Seaver St. for a report of a single car accident. The operator of the vehicle stated that while she was driving on Seaver St. she came around a corner off road and came into contact with the telephone pole. She did not appear to be impaired or speeding at the time of the incident.  The operator stated she was not injured and did not want to go to the hospital and her vehicle was towed from the scene.

5/14/17 – Hit and Run
Officer responded to Mountfort St. for a motor vehicle crash. EMT’s were on site treating the operator’s injuries. The operator stated that while travelling on Mountfort St. his vehicle crashed into a another unknown vehicle who he believed to have failed to stop at the red light at the St. Mary's St. and Mountfort St. intersection. While his vehicle stopped, the second vehicle continued to move after the crash. The injured operator was unable to provide any information on the other vehicle's description because the accident occurred so suddenly. However, the vehicle should have extensive damage to the passenger side the rear.

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