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Friday, April 14, 2017

Marathon Monday key facts

Marathon Day Reminder,
Expect Beacon Street to be closed to all vehicles from 8:30AM until 7:00PM.
There will be metal barricades in place the entire length of Beacon. No pedestrian crossings except at the following locations.
Beacon at Hawes
Beacon at Webster
Beacon at Tappan
Expect these to be closed when the runner’s volume is heavy, from 1:00PM until 3:30PM
Towing will begin Sunday afternoon by 3PM for sections of Beacon Street. Look for the signs.
Especially opposite 1443 -1501 Beacon Street.
The following areas become tow zones at 3:00AM on Monday morning.
Beacon Street west bound along the median strips
Beacon Street east bound the whole length from Cleveland Circle to Park Drive
Sections of St, Mary’s Street, Carlton Street, Hawes Street, Borland Street.
St. Paul Street- form Sewall Av to Beacon Street.
Harvard Street-  from Sewall Av to Beacon Street.
Webster Street the whole length.
Longwood Av -from Sewall Av to Harvard Street.
Marion Street - from Park Street to Beacon Street.
Washington Street -from Fairbanks to Beacon Street.
Fairbanks Street the whole length.
University Road -from 100 University to Beacon Street.
Winthrop Road - from Garrison to Beacon Street.
Dean Road –from Beaconsfield to Beacon Street.
Clinton Path the whole length.

Strathmore Road- from number 21 to Clinton Path.

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