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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


4/10/17 – Stolen Property
Officers were conducting traffic enforcement on Newton St. when an officer observed an orange colored SUV make an illegal left turn from Grove St onto Newton St. The officer approached the driver and advised the operator of the reason for stop. A query of the registration revealed the vehicle was stolen as of 11/07/16 out of Massachusetts State Police Barracks - Logan Airport. The operator was placed under arrest without incident.

04/10/17 – Trespassing
Officers responded to a report for an individual skateboarding on the roof of the garage on James St. Upon arrival, officers observed an individual later skateboarding on the roof of the privately owned parking garage. While being questioned the individual attempted to walk away but stopped once another officer arrived. A query of the individual’s SSN revealed there was a warrant for his arrest in West Roxbury.. The subject was then placed under arrest.

4/10/17 – Larceny
An officer responded to a restaurant on Harvard St for a larceny report. The victim stated that he entered the restaurant around 1430hrs and placed his cell phone on a table before walking up to the counter. Upon arriving back to his table he noticed that his cell phone had been taken. The phone is described as a black LG3.

4/10/17 – Stolen License Plate
An officer responded to Mason Terrace for a Larceny of a License Plate. The victim stated that on 4/9/17 he parked his car in the driveway of his house at 0800 hours. He returned on 4/10/17 at 1530 hours and noticed his Quebec license plate was missing from the rear of his motor vehicle.

4/10/17 – B&E of a Motor Vehicle
An officer responded to Davis Ave for a report of a Break and Entering of a Motor Vehicle. The victim stated her vehicle was broken into sometime between the night of 4/7/17 and the morning of 4/10/17. An LGG4 cell phone and some money were missing from the center console.

4/10/17 – B&E of a Motor Vehicle
An officer responded to Davis Ave for a report of Break and Entering of a Motor Vehicle. The victim stated that he parked his vehicle in his driveway late afternoon on 4/1/17 and when he entered his vehicle at 0600 hours on 4/10/17 he noticed the center console open and some cash missing. The victim’s wife stated some cash was missing from her vehicle as well. Her vehicle was parked the afternoon of 4/9/17 until the morning of 4/10/17.

4/10/17 – Malicious Damage

Officers responded to Heath St for a report of gun shots. The reporting party stated that someone had shot at his house breaking their widow. The victim stated she heard what she thought were two gun shots, a loud smash and the kitchen window broke. Inspection of the broken window, revealed a small chunk of asphalt lying on the window sill, the obvious cause of the broken window. No possible suspects were found. 

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