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Monday, April 10, 2017

4-7 thru 4-10

04 –7  thru 4 – 10

On 4/7/17 Officers responded to an address on White Pl. for a report of fraud. The victim reports  he received two letters from the IRS which stated that someone other than himself had attempted to file a tax return in his name. The return was not processed. No attempts have been made to access any bank accounts. The victim had already been contacted the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission.

On April 7, 2017 Officers  came across a bicycle accident involving a parked motor vehicle on Beacon Street. The operator of the bicycle reports that a car door opened in front of his travel and he was unable to avoid the opened door and crashed into it. As he fell into traffic, his bicycle made contact with another motor vehicle next to him. The driver who opened the car door was cited. No reported injuries.

On 04-07-2017, Officers were dispatched to an address on Hammond Pond Parkway, for an injured animal. Brookline Police Headquarters had received a call at approximately 1500 hours, informing Brookline Police Dispatchers that a deer had been hit on Hammond Pond Parkway, and that the injured deer had come to rest in the ravine.   The Massachusetts Environmental Police arrived on scene and assessed the situation. Based on the close proximity to the roadway, it was determined that HPP needed to be temporarily closed down, while the injured deer was put down.

On April 7, 2017 Officer’s responded to an address on Lancaster Terrace for a Break and Entering of a Motor Vehicle. The victim describes parking his vehicle in the parking lot behind his building. When he returned he found his motor vehicle rummaged through and the contents from the glove box  strewn on the front seat floor. Money and some items had been taken.  Victim states that the doors were locked but when he came down to open his motor vehicle with his remote none of the electronics worked. There were no indications of forced entry into the motor vehicle. Brookline Detectives arrived on scene to process the vehicle for finger prints.


Officers responded to a traffic crash on Boylston St. Upon arrival the Officers discovered the vehicle had collided with a fire hydrant, a street sign and a parked car at an Audi dealership. The operator of the vehicle stated that she was tired and trying to text while driving.  She stated that she had fallen asleep causing her to steer off the roadway and collide with a parked car at an Audi dealership. The Brookline Fire Department and the Brookline Water Department were notified of the damaged fire hydrant. The MA Department of Transportation (DOT) was notified of the downed traffic sign The Audi dealership was notified of damage to their property and parked car. The operator was issued a citation (R8331430) for texting while driving. She was also informed of additional accident reporting procedures.

On 04-08-2017 Officers responded to an address on Freeman St .  for a loud party complaint. Upon arrival officers could hear loud music coming from an apartment. They knocked on the door and spoke with the resident, who had a group of 8 friends over. She was advised that Brookline Police Dispatch received 2 noise complaints about this location and that they needed to turn the music off for the night. This location had also received a verbal warning earlier in the evening. The resident was issued a town by law citation, for a violation of the Nuisance Control by law (8.29.1) $100.00 Civil Assessment.

On 04/08/2017 Officer’s responded to an address on High St for a report of a larceny.  The victim reports she had received an email from FedEx stating that her package had been delivered at 1024hrs on this date. At approximately 1105hrs Foster went to the lobby but was able to locate her package.  There are several cameras at this location and the footage will be reviewed.

On 4/8/2017 Officers responded to the corner of Harvard St. and Webster St. on  a report of lost property. Upon arrival the victim stated that she had taken her wallet out of her purse to purchase a sandwich, then left the store, crossed Harvard St. heading towards Trader Joe's and then noticed her wallet missing.   A review of the store surveillance revealed that the victim had not left her purse at that location. The victim was advised to be to contact the respective agencies regarding her IDs.

On April 8, 2017 Officers responded to an address on Beacon Street for a graffiti complaint. The reporting party explained she was with her daughter when she noticed small white writing on the side door to the courtyard.  As she approached the door to see what was written she observed the phrase "Kill Iranian Babies and "Kill.". Photos were taken and a follow-up will be conducted with the building management.

On April 8, 2017 Officers responded to an address on Beacon Street for a reported fall on town property. Upon arrival Officers observed a man  sitting on the steps of the Bank of America ATM with a laceration to his fore head. He was being attended to by some people who were passing by. The victim reports  he was walking on the sidewalk in front of 1626 Beacon Street and tripped on the raised crack. He  then fell forward into the street hitting his head. His son  had been notified and was on his way. Fallon Paramedics arrived and  transported him to the hospital. His son Eric was on scene and was appraised as to what had occurred. He accompanied his father to the hospital. Photo’s were taken of the sidewalk.

On 4/8/17, Officers working the front desk at the Brookline Police station were approached by a citizen who wanted to report that graffiti had been sprayed on his garage door.  The victim informed the Officers that he had already removed the graffiti but that he took a picture before doing so.  The graffiti is described as a small scribbled like design with the word "ZIP" next to it.

On 4-8-17 Officers responded to an address on Heath Street on reports of an unwanted person.  The subject was stopped outside the address and identified.  Further investigation into the situation revealed that the subject had a default warrant issued out of Newton District Court. The subject was transported to the Brookline Police Station.


About 2:10 AM, on Sunday, April 9, 2017, Officers were notified by a passing motorist that there was a fight in progress at the intersection of Harvard St. and Beacon St. Officers broadcast the information over the radio to notify other officers in the area. As the officers arrived they saw three individuals one male was walking back to the sidewalk with his hand on his head, another was just standing in the middle of the intersection, and the third ran and got into a Black Chevrolet Camaro sedan and drove westbound on Beacon St.  Officers stopped the vehicle at the intersection of Beacon St. and Centre St. While others identified the two individuals who remained on scene. One subject had a laceration above his left eye. I requested Fallon Paramedics respond to evaluate. After an investigation It appears as though the parties were involved in a physical altercation of some type that resulted from a road rage incident between a vehicle and pedestrians.  There is a traffic camera at the intersection of Beacon St. and Harvard St. The video will be reviewed to see if it captured the incident. 2 subjects will be summonsed into Brookline Court for the following offense, (MGL 265:13A) Assault and Battery. One subject was transported to the hospital for treatment.

On April 9th, Officers responded to an address on Pearl St for a loud party complaint. Upon arrival they observed a subject carrying a large alcoholic beverage bottle. The subjects were identified, advised, and sent on their way. The Officers continued to the noise complaint. Immediately upon exiting the elevator, they could smell fresh cigarette smoke and extremely loud music emanating from down the hall. They knocked on the door and the door opened to approximately fifteen people inside the apartment. The music was extremely loud and the people inside the apartment were growing visibly agitated with our presence. At this time, the people inside the home began yelling and swearing at the Officers, stating they "knew their rights," and they "did not have to go home.”  The Officers calmly advised the group of the Town By-Law.  The tenant was informed of the Town By-Law, who then told his guests they had to leave. The party was cleared without further incident. The resident will be mailed Brookline Town By-Law citation for 8.29.1- Nuisance Control Violation.
On 04/09/17 Officers responded to an address on  Dean Rd for a graffiti complaint. The victim reports  that he observed graffiti on the rear of his building. The graffiti is described as a small scribbled like design with the word "ZIP" next to it.  There was a similar report taken on 04/08/17 with a similar “tag”

On 4/9/2017 Officers, following up on recent graffiti complaints, traveled to the Clinton Path Tunnel to view some graffiti tags that had recently been placed there.  The tags were done in green spray paint, in straight letter style and read "ZIP" and "MAG". Photos of each tag were taken.  This is the third incident of these tags being placed in this general area.  The other two incidents were on Druce Street and Dean Road.  Each of those incidents occurred between the evening of 4/7/17 and the morning of 4/8/17.  Based on this, Officers believe the tunnel was most likely damaged during the same time period.

On 04/09/17 Officers responded to an address on Washington St. for a larceny of a bicycle.  The victim reports having had participated in a bike event earlier in the day with many participants who at the conclusion went to a restaurant in Washington Square.  The participants locked their bicycles up in several places in the area.  The victim reports locking his bike with several other bikes to a Town of Brookline bike stand located in front of 1623 Beacon St. .  He locked the bike using a small chain lock. When the victim returned he discovered his bicycle missing as well as the lock.  There were still several other bikes locked up on the rack and in the area. The bike is a Seven brand, 22 speed, silver/nickel frame, black carbon fork, black wheels, black bar tape on handle bars, two stickers on the top of the frame of "Top Brand", "53.0TT."   There is a C.I.M.S. camera at the intersection of Beacon St. and Washington S. A video request form was completed hoping for any surveillance footage from the camera that may have captured the incident.  

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