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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

4-26-17 stolen jewelery/bike accident/shoplift /bank robbery


On 04-25-2017 Officers responded to an address on Kent St. for a report of malicious damage to a vehicle. The owners of the vehicle report that some one slashed their tire sometime during the night. The victim reports that this was the second time that their tire has been slashed in the last two weeks but she did not report the first time that it happen. The puncture wound to the tire is located in the 2 o'clock area on the tire wall side. While inspecting the car I also noticed a fresh key mark on the front passenger's side door. It was loosely shaped like an "X”. Photographs of the tire and the passenger's side door were taken. The Brookline Detective Division will conduct a follow-up.

On Tuesday 04-25-2017,  Officers patrolling eastbound on Commonwealth Av.  observed a gray Toyota Camry with an expired inspection sticker. A query of the registration revealed the registered owner to have an active warrant from Pennsylvania.  Officers stopped the vehicle and explained the reason for the stop.  Further investigation revealed the warrant to be non-extraditable for dangerous drugs.  A passenger in the vehicle had a straight warrant out of West Roxbury District Court and was placed under arrest. During a search of the vehicle several items such as new brillo pads, small glass and plastic tubes and small plastic baggies were found. These items are commonly used in conjunction with crack cocaine.  No drugs were found in the vehicle. 

On 4/25/2017, Animal Control responded to a complaint that a woman’s dog had been bitten while at a doggie day care.

On April 25, 2017, Officers responded to an address on Winthrop Road for a Past Larceny report. The victim reports leaving her engagement ring and wedding band inside her jewelry box on the second floor outside her bedroom. The victim states the only person that was in the house was the house cleaner. The ring is described as a 14 karat white gold diamond solitaire ring, a trellis design featuring one round brilliant cut diamond set in a four prong setting. Further investigation will be conducted.

On Tuesday 04-25-2017 Officers responded to a bank located on Harvard St. on reports that it was being robbed and the suspect was still in the bank.  Dispatch had received a call from corporate security who was viewing the incident remotely.  As units responded, Dispatch updated that the suspect was a male in his twenties wearing a blue hoodie and a red-brimmed hat and was passing notes.  Officers arrived, located the suspect and placed him into custody. The suspect was taken to the Brookline Police Station where he was questioned by Brookline Detectives and a Special Agent from the FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force. 

On April 25, 2017 Officers responded to an address on Crafts Rd. for a report of a larceny. The victim reports having multiple pieces of jewelry stolen from her collection.  There were no signs of forced entry and the victim reports that she is having construction done to her home so there are numerous workers in and out during the day. The Brookline Detective Division will conduct a follow-up investigation.

On April 25, 2017, Officers responded to a business on Harvard Street for a report of a shoplifter who was being detained by store employees. The staff reported they were watching a subject on video camera because he was suspected of shoplifting from their location in the past. The subject was actually a store employee who had finished his shift about an hour earlier. The subject was seen on video taking several beauty products and jewelry items and placed these items into his backpack and sweatshirt. The subject was stopped and questioned by staff.  The suspect admitted to taking the items. The subject was placed under arrest for the following offense: M.G.L. Ch. 266 S.30A shoplifting Under $250. He was transported to the Brookline Police Station.  

On 4-25-2017 @ while monitoring the stop sign at the intersection on Newton St @ Goddard Av.  Officers observed a white BMW go right through the stop sign without slowing down at all. The officer activated the blue overhead lights and the vehicle, and the vehicle stopped in front of 209 Newton St. The operator was told the reason for the stop and was asked to produce his license and registration. The subject produced a MA ID card and the vehicle registration. A license check via the cruisers laptop computer revealed his right to operate a vehicle in Massachusetts was revoked.  Dispatch confirmed this status. The driver was then placed under arrest for Operating after Revocation-License and Failure to Stop-Stop sign.  He was given Mass citation for the above offenses. He was transported to the Brookline Police Station.

On 4-25-2017 Officers responded to Beacon St.  at Amory St. on reports of an accident involving a car and a bicyclist. The investigation revealed that the vehicle failed to yield to the cyclist. The cyclist, who attempted to swerve to the left, made contact with the vehicle on the left front.  The cyclist fell off his bike onto the ground.  He had minor scrapes to both his hands but otherwise wasn't hurt. The bike sustained front end, frame and handlebar damage.  The vehicle operator was issued a MA citation for Failure to Yield-Intersection.

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