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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

4-25-17 Shoplift/Fraud/ Traffic offenses


On 4/24/2017, Brookline Animal Control conducted a follow-up for a dog bite incident which is said to have occurred at Griggs Park.

 On Monday 4/24/2017 Officers responded to the front desk of the Brookline Police Station to speak with a person out of St Mary’s St.  looking to report Identity Fraud. The victim, stated he has been receiving a number of letters in the mail and E-mails from various credit card and other agencies about fraudulent use of his personal information. The victim and his wife have both received these notices. The victim received a letter from the Department of Unemployment Assistance stating that someone had tried to file for Unemployment benefits under his name. After notifying the proper agencies, the victim has received new credit cards for all of his accounts and receives notifications of any activity.

On April 24th, 2017, I, Officers responded to an address on Village Way for a report of past theft of a bicycle. The victim reports their bicycle was locked to a bicycle rack by chain in the private parking lot between 77 and 70 Village Way. The bike was a black Cannondale Catalyst 4 27.5". The bikes serial number has been entered in CJIS.

On 4-24-17 while conducting traffic enforcement on West Roxbury Parkway Officers observed a vehicle approaching the inside lane at a high rate of speed. Officers visually estimated this vehicle to be going 50 MPH.  Using the department issued Lidar it was determined the vehicle was travelling 52 MPH at 407 feet in a posted 35MPH zone. The Officer activated the blue overhead lights and stopped the vehicle. A license check through Brookline Control showed the drivers right to operate a vehicle in Massachusetts was suspended due to 3 surcharged events.  The driver was placed under arrest for Operating after Suspension-License and Speeding and his vehicle was towed.

On Monday 4/24/2017 while on Lawton St. officers were approached by a female who wanted to report a package she had received that had been torn open. The victim reports having some items shipped from Amazon, with one of the packages being torn open. The victim does not believe anything was taken. The Officers took the torn box to check for finger prints. Several security cameras are at this location and attempts will be made to view footage.

On April 24, 2017 while conducting traffic enforcement on Harvard St. Officers observed a vehicle with an  expired inspection sticker 1-2017. The vehicle then made a left turn onto Longwood Ave.  A check on the vehicles registration revealed its status was revoked due to the lack of insurance.  I radioed Brookline Police Dispatch of the location of my stop and asked them to confirm the status of the vehicle. Brookline Police Dispatch confirmed the status of the vehicle to be revoked due to the lack of insurance. The license plates were removed from the vehicle and submitted into the bulk property room and the vehicle was towed.

On Monday, April 24th, 2017, Officers responded to a business on Harvard St for a report of a recent shoplifting. Brookline Dispatch gave a description of male wearing dark clothes, possibly a hooded sweatshirt, heading out to the area of Aspinwall Ave. Dispatch also stated the suspect had stolen Tide detergent, and was carrying a blue duffel bag.  A Brookline Police Sgt. Stopped a subject fitting that description. The Sgt reports observing the subject consuming a Natty Ice beer in public. While speaking with this subject the officers observed an open blue duffel bag with bottles of Tide detergent sticking out in plain view. After speaking with the subject he admitted to taking the detergent without paying for it. An employee positively identified the subject the Officers had stopped as the one they watched putting the Tide detergent in a blue duffel bag. The subject was placed under arrest and transported to Brookline Police Headquarters. The Natty Ice beer can that the subject was drinking was submitted into evidence, and the tide detergent was returned to the store.


On 04/25/2017 Officers responded to an address on Heath St for a Larceny report. Upon arrival Officers spoke with the victim who reports items missing from his dorm room. The victim reports his laptop computer, IPAd, 5 pairs of  Air Jordan sneakers  and several items of clothing  were missing  from his room. There did not appear to be any forced entry into the room. Officers took one shoe box in an attempt to recover fingerprints. A follow-up will be conducted by the Brookline Detective Division.

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