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Monday, April 24, 2017

4-21 thru 23 Stolen MV/Fraud/Threats/ Traffic Crash


On Friday April 21, 2017 Officers responded to an address on Mason Terrace for a B&E of a motor vehicle report. The victim reports parking her vehicle for the night, and when she returned in the morning she noticed the contents of the center console and glove box emptied out on the floor and passenger seat. The victim does not believe anything had been taken. There was no chance for a process due to the doors being handled by the owners.

On April 21, 2017, Officers responded to an address on Washington St. for a report of threats. Upon arrival, the Officers located the reporting party who explained to them that a male, approximately 5' 10" with a dark jacket, dark pants and dark hat, had entered his establishment looking to start a membership.  The victim reports that the subject refused to provide all the necessary information to complete the membership application, and was told that without the information he could not complete the application.  The victim reports that the subject became agitated and stated "I'm going to shoot you" and then left the building. No weapon was shown.  Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the subject. Since they have his identification the subject will be summonsed into Brookline District Court for: M.G.L. c. 275. s. 2 Threat to Commit a Crime

On 4-21-17 Officers responded to an address on Prince St on a report of a stolen Ipod. The victim reports the IPOD was located in the kitchen in an IPOD docking station. The Victim reports her apartment was being shown to perspective tenants by a Real Estate agent.  The agent reports that 3 couples had toured the apartment, and that he would replace the missing item.

On 4/21/2017 at approximately 1730Hrs a female entered the Brookline Police Station to report fraudulent charges on her credit card.  The victim reports losing her wallet with several credit cards in the Coolidge Corner area. The victim cancelled all her cards except for one and then received an e-mail from MasterCard reporting several fraudulent charges.  The charges were made at Macy’s in the Cambridge Side Galleria and Macy’s in Boston. Almost $700.00 was charged to her account. Shortly after these fraudulently charges occurred, the victim cancelled her MasterCard.  She was also advised to monitor her personal information via credit card bureaus and the Federal Trade Commission.


On 4/22/2017, Officers observed a parked vehicle on Pine Rd. at Woodland Rd. and a check of the vehicles registration revealed that the registration was revoked due to lack of insurance.  The vehicle was towed and the owner was issued Massachusetts Uniform Citation for unregistered MV (90/9) and revoked insurance (90/34J). 

On 04/22/2017, Officers responded to an address on Winchester Street for the report of a larceny of a motorcycle. The victim reports the motorcycle was parked in the driveway, next to the house and had a black and gray motorcycle cover draped over it to protect the motorcycle from the weather.  The location of where was motorcycle was stolen from is visible from the street.  There are no surveillance cameras and the motorcycle was not secured to anything.  The motorcycle was entered into C.J.I.S. as a stolen motorcycle.

On April 22, 2017, a subject walked into the Brookline Police Station to report that his vehicle had been broken into. The victim reports parking his vehicle in the area of 1280 Beacon Street and upon returning he noticed his cell phone had been taken from the center console as well as some change. He reports leaving his window slightly open when he parked the vehicle and when he returned the window was almost completely open. There was no chance of a process for prints.

On 4/22/17Officers responded to an address on Babcock St on a larceny report. The victim reports that while he was shopping he was bumped into twice by the same person. After the second bump, the victim noticed that his black leather wallet was no longer in his back pocket. The victim tried to locate the individual who had bumped into him, but was unable to find him. The subject is described as a male about 6'3", 280 lbs, in his late 40's or early 50's, wearing a red cap, dark winter jacket, and blue jeans. The victim reports his wallet contained cash, credit cards and his drivers license. The victim is in the process of canceling his credit cards. McPherson was advised to contact us, if he notices any unusual activity on his cards.


On April 23, 2017 I, Officers responded to an address on Dwight Street for a possible theft report.  The reporting party explained that at 14:00 hours she was walking her dog in Coolidge Corner when she noticed her wallet missing from her wrist.  The wallet is described as a small, brown Gucci wallet which held cash, 1 credit card, 1 debit card, and her house keys. The victim reports that her dog is only seven months old and people were crowding her to pet it.  Boss remembers one male party approaching her to pet the dog around the time she noticed the wallet missing, but the only description she can recall is a male approximately 5'4" , with dark hair. She believes she most likely misplaced the wallet, but is unsure if it was potentially picked up by someone. She was advised to check the area where she believes she dropped it and cancel her credit cards that were in the wallet. She was advised monitor her credit.

On April 23rd, 2017, I, Officers responded to Aspinwall Ave for a motor vehicle crash involving a parked vehicle. Upon arrival, I observed motor vehicle #1, , was positioned against the left rear wheel panel of motor vehicle #2. MV#2 suffered heavy damage to the rear left bumper and the left rear wheel well. No injuries were reported and both vehicles were towed. After reviewing the circumstances, operator of vehicle #1 was cited for c. 90/ s. 13- Impeded Operation due to being distracted by his GPS device.

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