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Friday, March 31, 2017


On 03/30/17, a woman went to the front desk of the Brookline Police Station to report malicious damage she found on her car.  The victim reports legally parking her car on Goodnough St. and upon returning to her vehicle she observed a "glob" of Vaseline on her windshield, located on top of the drivers side windshield wiper. The victim does not know who did this to her car, but stated she has found anonymous notes on her car in the past, seemingly from area residents expressing their dismay with her parking in the neighborhood. 

On 3/30/2017, an Officer reported a hit and run with damage to the 556 Animal Control truck.  There was damage to the driver's side passenger brake light and rear side area.  It appeared the damage was caused by a vehicle travelling south on Washington Street and damage appeared to be recent.  The debris in the roadway appeared to be only from the 556 vehicle.  Photographs were taken by the officer and Massachusetts crash report was filed.   Cameras will be reviewed to see if any were able to record the accident.

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