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Thursday, March 30, 2017

3/28 - 3/29

At approximately 2:30am on Tuesday, March 28, 2017, Officers observed an individual acting suspiciously near an address on Tappan St. The suspicious activity involved a bicycle and an address on Tappan St. The Officer observed the subject for awhile then approached to speak with him. The officer recognized the subject from a recent police flyer, identifying him as a possible package theft suspect. Upon further investigation it was determined that the subjects explanation as to what he was doing was proven not to be true. The subject was subsequently placed under arrest for Larceny of a Bike over $200.00. During a search of the subject, several INVICTA watches were located in the subjects pockets. The arresting officer remembered a recent burglary that occurred the previous night where several  watches had been taken from a store on Washington St. Another Officer on scene, who had taken the report for the recent burglary reported that INVICTA watches had been taken.  The subject reported that he had found the watches in a grassy area in the Village while he was walking a dog. The subject, who reports himself to be homeless, was in possession of 3 expensive Invicta watches.  The subject was also charged with Receiving Stolen Property (Over $250) for the watches.

On Tuesday 03-28-2017 Officers responded to Egmont St.  on reports of a stolen car. The owner reports leaving the car running after AAA had jump started it for him, and leaving it running, unattended so as to charge the battery. Upon returning the owner found that his vehicle was gone. The vehciel is described as a black Mazda with NY plates.  Brookline Dispatch has entered the vehicle information into NCIC.

On Saturday 03-25-2017 Officers on Beacon St. to take a report for breaking and entering sometime between 21:00 hrs. the night before. Upon arrival the Officer could clearly see the exterior glass door to the building shattered.  Further investigation into the building revealed another door had pry marks on frame area near the knobs/locks.  At this time it was unknown if anything had been taken. A report was filed

On Tuesday 3/28/2017 Officers responded to Harvard St. on reports of a minor motor vehicle accident. Upon investigating the accident one operator was issued MA Uniform Citation for a Brookline Town By-Law Article 7 Section 6 for Failure to Use Caution while exiting a parking space into traffic. No injuries were reported and the operators were advised to contact their respective insurance companies.

On 03/28/17 Officers responded to Clinton Rd. for a report of a past residential Breaking and Entering.  The break is estimated to have happened between the hours of 16:30 hrs. and  approximately 21:30 hrs.  They did not notice anything suspicious when they left nor when they arrived back home, but a neighbor described to them seeing someone walk to their front door, then around to the back. They did not recognize the person.  After hearing this home owners walked to the rear of their house and observed that the screen to their glass sliding door to the rear living room had been removed and was leaning against the home.  They observed that the back door to the rear den was slightly ajar and that a rolled up bath towel that they had pressed against the bottom of the door to keep out the cold had been moved forward.  At this time it is unknown if any items had been taken, and a follow-up is being conducted by the Detective Division.

On March 28, 2017  Officers responded to an address on Winchester Street, for a package theft report. The victim reports receiving a confirmation via e-mail that her package was delivered by United States Postal Service at 0948 hours. She returned home at 1700 hours and could not locate her package. She then called the post office to confirm if her package was delivered. The post office stated the package was left inside the front vestibule at 0948 hours.  A larceny report was filed.
On 03/28/17 Officers responded to an address on Alberta Rd. for a past larceny of a cell phone that took place at Brookline High School.  The victim reports that the phone she had secured in a locker with a pad lock, in the girls locker room had been stolen.  The victim believes someone must have seen the combination when she opened the locker earlier in the day. School security was notified and a report was filed.


On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, Officers responded to an accident at the intersection of Mountfort St. and Carlton St.  The road surface was wet and it was raining. Both operators were able to safely drive away from the scene. They were advised to file a claim with their insurance companies and complete a Massachusetts DOT Operator Crash Reports.
On 03/29/17 Officers responded to a business on Harvard St for a report of shoplifting. Upon arrival we spoke with loss prevention who stated they observed a male party attempting to leave the store without paying for items that he previously concealed. He admitted to taking the items and stated he did so because he is homeless. The subject placed under arrest, transported to the Brookline Police Station and booked  on the following charge M.G.L. 266:30A Shoplifting.

On 03/29/2017, Officers responded to an address on Amory Street for the report of suspicious activity.  Upon arrival, the reporting party informed the officer they had received a telephone call from 781-242-8044 with an opportunity for to receive a free back brace.  The reporting party provided his social security number, then was placed him on hold and eventually the telephone call was terminated. No other information was provided to the caller.  The reporting party informed me they attempted to call 781-242-8044 several times and no person would answer his calls.  Officers googled the telephone number on the internet, and there are several web sites warning people not to provided information to the callers.  There is no company information attached to the telephone number. The caller was advised to contact the Fraud Victims Assistance hotline for additional assistance. 

On March 29, 2017 a citizen walked into the front desk of the Police Department to report a fraud. The victim reports an unauthorized transaction with RISE Loans. The victim had filed a previous report for a compromised banking account. The victim was advised and has been provided with the Credit Bureau Fraud Department phone numbers and informed of the website to help assist with the process for reporting and protecting his identity.

On March 29, 2017 Officers responded to an address on Beacon Street in apartment for a report of Identity Theft. The victim reports they believe a former roommate had stolen their personal information. In December of 2016, they discovered that someone had fraudulently opened bank accounts using their personal information along with fraudulent transactions on their credit cards. Upon investigation with the bank the victim was told they would have to file a police report in order to receive information. They were provided information to the three credit reporting agencies, the Federal Trade Commission, and the FBI web site to report their identities were compromised. At this time they believe Ping had returned home to Taiwan.

On 3/29/17 Officers responded to an address on Beacon Street for a report of fraud. The victim reports falling  victim to a Western Union scam which resulted in her sending a large sum of money  to China. The victim placed an ad on Craig’ List. The morning of 3/29/17 the victim was corresponding with an individual who expressed interest in buying the furniture. The potential buyer stated in order for them to purchase the items the seller would have to pay a shipping fee. The victim agreed to Western Union the money. At that time the victim  received another email asking for additional funds to be wired. She then became suspicious and contacted Western Union who informed her is a common scam and that she should contact her local police department. Western Union also confirmed the money had already been picked up by the recipient.  The victim did not give any personal information and was advised to follow up with Western Unions fraud department. Victim was provided with this reports number for her claim.

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