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Friday, July 22, 2016



10:00pm: Officers were dispatched to a local gym on Commonwealth Ave for a report of the larceny. On scene, the victim stated his black sweatshirt had stolen from his bathroom locker, which was left unsecured with no lock on it. The officer spoke with the manager of the gym who stated he did not see anything unusual or suspicious. The manager was able to provide the officer with a copy of the surveillance video from the entrance of the bathroom. This matter is still under investigation.


1:50am: While patrolling the area of Welland Rd. an officer observed a subject on a bike in the middle of the roadway peering down driveways in a suspicious manner.  The officer stopped to speak with the individual and the person stated he and his friend were just riding their bikes. The officer noticed a second individual, standing closer to a driveway with his bicycling laying 5-6 feet away from him. The two individuals seemed to be getting increasingly nervous as the officer kept asking questions. The officer also noticed down the driveway one of the subjects kept looking down had an SUV with the interior lights on.  At this time, the officer got out of the cruiser to ask for the name of the two subjects. One subject fled on foot and the other took off on his bicycle. The officer was able to follow the suspect on the bicycle for a short distance on foot until he abandoned his bikes and took off running through backyards. The officer contacted Brookline Control to give his location and the description of the suspects.  After an extensive search, the suspects were unable to be located. Back on scene, another officer was able to speak with the owner of the vehicle who stated he had left the vehicle unlocked and at the time it appears nothing was stolen. This matter is still under investigation.

8:20am: While assigned to the front desk, an officer was approached by a Brookline resident who wanted to report his backpack had been stolen.  The victim stated on 7/20/2016, he had the parked his car behind a business on Commonwealth and on his arrival back to his vehicle he noticed his trunk was open, and his backpack containing his laptop, checkbook, and personal books was missing.

6:21pm: While on patrol, an officer observed a brown SUV traveling southbound on Harvard St. that did not have a valid inspection sticker. The officer activated his overhead emergency lights and safely initiated a traffic stop. The officer advised the operator as to the reason for the stop and requested the drivers’ license and registration. A query of the driver’s information revealed he had a warrant out for his arrest. The subject was placed under arrest and transported back to the Brookline Police Station. 

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