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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


5:24 am: Officers responded to a fight on Harvard Street. The individuals involved were the same two parties involved in an earlier event. The parties were separated and questioned. It was explained to police that the first party was still upset about events that had occurred earlier and he left their apartment to smoke a cigarette. When he left he observed the second party and went to confront him. After officers arrived, the individual continued to yell despite being advised to remain calm and reduce his volume. This party was angry about the earlier assault summons. Due to his behavior and the reaction from motorists and residents in the area, this individual was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. An additional charge of assault will be brought on the individual based on the other party’s story.

1:33 pm: A backpack was reported stolen from a table at the Brookline Public Library on Washington Street. The library staff was able to capture an image of a possible suspect leaving the library with a backpack matching the description of the missing bag.

3:26 pm: Officers stopped a possible suspect from an earlier larceny on School Street. A responding officer was able to match the subject and the backpack in his possession to those in the library surveillance video. The suspect was placed under arrest. 

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