Monday, July 21, 2014


Police Reports July 18, 2014 through July 20, 2014

On July 18, an officer responded to Beacon St for a past breaking and entering. The individual’s phone and cash were taken from his office the night before. The front and back doors were locked and there did not appear to be a forced entry. The matter is under investigation.

On July 18, an individual came into the station to report a stolen bicycle. The bicycle was attached to a tree along Beacon St the night before. When the individual came outside, she noticed her bicycle was missing.

On July 18, an officer observed a vehicle drive through a stop sign along Newton St. The officer pulled the vehicle over and asked for the driver’s license and registration. The driver’s license was suspended and the driver was placed under arrest.

On July 19, officers responded to Harvard St for a report of shoplifting. A manager reported that two subjects were stealing items from the store. The officer stopped the subjects and retrieved the stolen items. They were then placed under arrest and summonsed to Brookline District Court. 

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