Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Police Reports July 21,2014

On July 21, an officer conducted a traffic stop along Boylston St for a vehicle that was speeding. The officer asked for the driver’s license and registration, which the driver did not have in his possession. The driver’s license was suspended. Due to information obtained from the scene, officers started an investigation which led to the arrest of the driver. The driver was arrested operating with a suspended license, and possession of marijuana and cocaine.

On July 21, an individual came into the police station to report a stolen bicycle. The individual stated he locked his bicycle to a bicycle rack along Station St on Saturday July 19. On July 21, his bicycle was missing and the lock was cut and left beside the rack.

On July 21, an officer responded to a business on Beacon St for a report of a past larceny. Two employees had personal items stolen from the business. Their items were placed in the employee office at the business. The matter is under investigation.

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