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Friday, November 9, 2012

Police Reports 11/8

Accident/MV Hit & Run: 11/9 at 12:16am - Beacon St/Pleasant St
Victim stated that she was making a U-Turn when a motor vehicle who had been making the U-Turn behind her, struck her vehicle on the rear right side of her car. Victim stated that the other vehicle did not stop, and continued onto Pleasant Street. Case is under investigation.

Accident: 11/8 at 12:00pm - Amory St and Dummer St
Victim stated that she was struck by a motor vehicle while in the marked pedestrian crosswalk. Victim was later treated in the emergency room for injuries to her right foot, leg and hip. Operator of the vehicle will be charged for Failing to Yield to a Pedestrian in a Crosswalk.

Robbery/Attempt: 11/8 at 10:44pm – Gibbs St
Victim reported that a male suspect had tried to take her hand bag, and after several unsuccessful attempts he fled down Gibbs St towards Stedman St. Victim stated that she was in the foyer of her apartment building when the suspect assaulted her with the intention of taking her handbag. Victim stated that she observed the suspect enter the foyer through the unlocked front door and ran at her to try to grab her bag. The suspect fled after the victim struggled and screamed for help. Suspect is described as a dark skinned, medium build, approximately 6 feet tall and 30 years of age, had either a winter cap or a hood on his head, and had something grey covering his face.

Disorderly Person: 11/9 at 12:30am – Beacon St
Officer observed a subject throwing a glass bottle into the left lane of Westbound Beacon St, directly in front of the officer’s cruiser. Subject did not respond to the officer’s presence and continued to walk away. Subject appeared to be highly intoxicated and became vocally agitated and swearing loudly. Subject was placed under arrest for Disorderly Person and Minor In Possession of an Alcoholic Beverage.

Accident/MV: 11/9 at 7:20am - Washington Street & Brookline Ave
Victim stated that she was driving, changing from the center lane, when her vehicle collided with another vehicle. The impact caused the victim’s vehicle to spin around, exit the roadway, go up onto the sidewalk and strike a tree. No one was reported injured.

Suspicious Activity: 11/8 at 11:46am – Washington St
Officer responded to a fraud report on Washington St. Victim stated that she received a call from a suspect claiming to be an officer. The suspect claimed that the victim’s grandson was arrested in the Dominican Republic and needed her to wire money for bail. Victim was able to make contact with her grandson and deem the phonecall a scam. Officers were able to trace the call to Montreal, Canada.

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