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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Police Reports 11/5

Larceny: 11/5 at 7:30pm – Commonwealth Ave
Victim stated that he returned to his locker and noticed that his items in the locker were rummaged through, and personal belongings missing. Victim stated that he left the locker room with out using a lock to secure his locker.

Not Duly Licensed: 11/5 at 7:55pm – Browne St/Freeman St
Officer observed a vehicle turn right onto Browne St with "Do Not Enter" and "One Way" signs posted. A registration check revealed that the driver had an expired license status. Driver was charged for Operating W/O License and One Way Violation.

Larceny: 11/5 at 11:30am – Beacon St
Victim stated that she left her baby stroller in the hallway of an office, when she returned to find her bag missing from the stroller.

Operating After Suspension: 11/6 at 12:39am – Washington St
A random query of a vehicle's registration check revealed that the vehicle's registration was revoked. Driver will be charged for Operating after Revocation and Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle.

Assault: 11/5 at 2:49pm – Beacon St
Resident/victim stated that he had gotten into an argument with his neighbor regarding the victim’s volume on his TV. Victim then stated that the neighbor grabbed him with both hands on the arms and threw him to the ground. Victim claimed that he sustained bruises on his back, and shoulders, as well as on the back of his right arm. Neighbor was placed under arrest for Assault and Battery on an Elderly Person.

Warrant/Default: 11/5 at 6:05pm – Washington St
Subject came to the police station to turn himself in. Subject stated that he believed there were outstanding warrants for his arrest. Subject was placed under arrest for the two default warrants.

Burglary: B/t 10/22 & 11/5 – Beacon St
Residents/Victims stated that someone has entered their apartment on more than one occasion and stolen approximately numerous items. There were no of forced entry and the victims believe entrance is being made with a key. Victims reported that they are having the locks changed.

Possession of Marijuana: 11/5 at 11:58am – Heath St
Officers responded to a report of a drug law violation. Security staff stated that they searched a room after they received an anonymous tip from a student who claimed that a student was selling marijuana from his dormitory room. Officers arrived to assist. Student was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.

Fire Vehicle: 11/5 at 12:43pm – Winslow Rd
Officer responded to a report of a motor vehicle on fire. On scene, officer observed the Brookline Fire Department attempting to extinguish the flames that had engulfed a parked vehicle. No one was injured and no suspicious activity was visible.

B&E&L of MV: 11/5 at 11:43am – Pearl St
Victim stated that she returned from classes to find that the right rear passenger window was smashed and her personal items were taken.

Failure to Stop/ MV Pursuit: 11/6 at 1:36am – Boylston St @ Randolph Rd
Officer attempted to make a traffic stop after observing a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Upon seeing the officer, the driver drove away. Driver continued his failure to stop for the police officer. Multiple units responded and were able to terminate the pursuit. Driver will be charged for :
- Racing: Attempting To Set A Record
- Failure To Stop Police Officer
- Operating To Endanger
- Speeding (Unreasonable)
- Failure To Display Headlights
- Fail to Stop/Stop Sign
- Fail To Stop/Red Light (5 Counts)
- Operating Left of Center
- Marked Lanes Violation (2 Counts)

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