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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Police Reports 9/17

Sector 1
Accident/Pedestrian: 9/17 at 1:58pm – Freeman St / Powell St
Officer responded to a report of a hit and run. Victim stated that he was crossing in the crosswalk along Powell Street when a vehicle made contact with his left leg. Several units arrived on scene to check the area but were unable to locate the vehicle.

Sector 1
Traffic Offense: 9/17 at 4:50pm – Freeman St
Officer observed a vehicle failing to obey the posted stop sign at the intersection of Freeman St and Babcock. A registration check revealed that the operator of the vehicle had an expired license status. Operator the vehicle was cited for Not Duly Licensed, and Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign.

Sector 2
B&E&L of MV: 9/17 at 1:00pm – Beacon St
Victim stated that she returned to find a young black male suspect in the back seat of her vehicle. The suspect exited the vehicle, taking with him a satellite radio. Suspect fled in onto Charles St, heading into the direction of Sewall Ave.
Sector 9

Warrant-Default: 9/17 at 9:05am – South St
Officers executed the arrest of a subject who had outstanding default warrants. Subject was placed into custody without incident.

Sector 2
Suspicious Activity: 9/17 at 9:48pm – Beacon St at Carlton St
Caller stated that he was walking his dog when two young black male suspects asked if he had a cell phone. Caller proceeded to walk away. Suspects are described as black males, 15-18 yoa, both 5'8-5'9" in height, Suspect 1 having a slender build, baggy clothing, possibly beige sweatshirt, and Suspect 2 larger build, baggy clothing, unknown colors. At this time, the investigation is ongoing.

Units responded to a separate call of a youth complaint on Carlton St.
Robbery/Attempt: 9/17 at 10:00pm – Colchester St
Victim stated that he was assaulted by two young black male suspects. Victim stated that he was riding his bike in the area of the Longwood MBTA stop when he was punched in the left side of his face causing him to fall off of his bike and to the ground. He immediately got up and exchanged punches with two male subjects, between 14-16 years old: Suspect 1 described as baby faced, short afro hair (1-2 inch), short sleeve Red polo style shirt, and dark colored, normal fitting pants. Suspect 2 wore a blue shirt.

Sector 3
Accident: 9/17 at 7:21pm – Washington St /Beacon St
Officer responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident involving 4 vehicles, with physical injury. Passengers of one of the vehicle that was struck was transported to the hospital.

Sector 3
Operating After Suspension: 9/17 at 6:40pm – Centre St
Officer observed a vehicle proceed through a solid red traffic signal. A query check revealed that the operator of the vehicle has a suspended license status. Operator was placed under arrest and charged for Operating after Suspension, Unregistered M/V, and Fail to Stop at a Red Light.

Sector 4
Fraud/Credit Card: 9/17 at 3:55pm – Park St
Officer was dispatched to investigate fraudulent charges made on a bank account. Victim estimated there to be over 43 unauthorized transactions on the account.

Sector 4
Operating After Suspension: 9/17 at 2:21pm – Boylston St
Officer observed a vehicle making an illegal U-Turn. A registration check revealed that the driver had a suspended license status. Driver will be issued for Town by-law violation for U-Turn where sign prohibits and operation after suspension.

Sector 6
ID Fraud: 9/17 at 4:30pm – Spooner Rd
Officer was dispatched to investigate a possible fraud/identity theft. Victim stated that two fraudulent charges were made to his account.

Sector 8
Larceny: B/t 9/15 at 12pm & 9/17 at 8:00am – Yarmouth Rd
Victim stated that his plants were taken from her front lawn.

Sector 9
Attempt-Larceny: 9/17 at 9:07pm – South St
Officer responded to take a report of a past larceny. Victim claimed that he returned to find items taken from his bedroom.

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