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Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/19 Police Reports- B&E&L and Larceny

Sector 1
B&E of MV: Occ b/t 9/16 at 1:00am & 9/19 at 3:00pm – Browne St
Victim stated that his vehicle had been broken into and some items had been taken. Victim stated that he forgot to lock his vehicle.

Sector 1
B&E&L of MV: 9/19 at 7:00pm – Pleasant St
Victim stated that he noticed that the inside of his vehicle was disturbed and items were taken. Victim thought that he locked his doors but the motor for his electric door lock has been malfunctioning and the doors must not have locked.

Sector 1
Larceny: 9/19 at 8:45pm – Lawton St
Officer responded to take a report of a stolen bike. Victim stated that he left his bike locked up against the rails in front of his house, and returned to discover it missing. Victim observed the lock to be cut.

Sector 1
B&E&L of MV: Occ b/t 9/17 at 10:00p & 9/18 at 8:30a– Naples Rd
Victim claimed that his and his wife’s vehicle were broken into items were stolen. Victim stated that both vehicles were left unlocked and the alarms were not activated.

Sector 1
B&E of MV: 9/18at 5:30pm & 9/19 at 7:45am - Pleasant St
Victim stated that she returned to find that her vehicle had been rifled through but did not notice items removed.

Sector 2
Larceny: 9/19 b/t 11:30am & 5:30pm – Perry St
Victim reported that her baby stroller had been stolen. Victim stated that the stroller was left out in the front vestibule of her building.

Sector 4
Burglary: 9/19 b/t 8:00am & 8:00pm – Fairbanks St
Officer responded to take a report of a Breaking & Entering & Larceny. Victim stated that he returned to his apartment to find that his door was left ajar and items inside the apartment were rummaged through.

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