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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Police reports 8/29 - 9/3

Sector 2
Operating After Suspension: 9/3 at 1:20am – Harvard St
Officer observed a vehicle making a left turn onto Longwood Ave. without using the directional signal. A query of the vehicle’s registration revealed that the registered owner of the vehicle had a suspended license. Operator was placed under arrest. During an inventory of the vehicle, officer found marijuana in the glove compartment. Operator will be charged with Possession of a Class-D Substance with Intent to Distribute (Marijuana), Drug Free School Zone, Operating after Suspension, Failure to use directional when turning.

Sector 3
Protective Custody: 9/3 at 3:16am – Thorndike St
Officer responded to a report regarding a suspicious person. Officer stopped the subject who appeared disheveled, unsteady on his feet, and had slurred speech as well as an odor of alcohol emanating from his breath. Subject was placed under arrest and placed into protective custody due to his level of intoxication.

Sector 3
Operating After Suspension: 9/2 at 3:20am – Washington St
Officer observed a vehicle violating the marked lanes on 3 occasions. A registration check revealed that the operator’s right t operate was suspended. Operator was placed under arrest and charged for the marked lane violation & operating after suspension.

Sector 3
Larceny: 8/31 at 10:12pm – Winchester St
Victim stated that her laptop computer was stolen. She claimed that she was moving some items out of her apartment to the common hallway. When she returned, she noticed her back pack to be opened and her lap top to be gone.

Sector 4
Larceny-Bike: Occurred b/t 9/1 at 1:00pm & 9/2 at 10:30am – Cypress St
Victims stated that all three bikes were found missing. Victims stated that they placed their bikes under the back porch, unlocked.

Sector 5
Not Duly Licensed: 9/1 at 9:30am – Dean Rd. and Druce St
Officer observed a vehicle failing to stop for the stop sign before making a turn. The subject was placed under arrest for the traffic violation, operating not duly licensed, possession of a false ID.

Sector 5
Failure to Stop: 8/31 at 10:00am – Cypress St
Officer was assigned to a road detail when he observed an operator of a moped driving through a narrow gap of roadway between the work site and on coming traffic. Operator ignored the officer’s signal to stop multiple times. Operator will be charged with Failure to Stop for Police Officer and Operating to Endanger.

Sector 6
Malicious Damage-Auto: Occurred b/t 8/29 at 11:00pm & 8/31 at 6:45am – Boylston St
Victim stated that he returned to find that his vehicle had been egged. Vehicle was parked in the parking lot located in front of the Heath school off of Eliot St. No permanent damage was reported.

Sector 8
General Information: Occurred b/t 9/1 at 3:30pm & 9/2 at 9:50am – Woodland Rd
Officer noticed damage to a sign, tree, shrubbery, and front lawn damage-caused by an unknown motor vehicle.

Sector 8
Warrant: 9/2 4:51am – Heath St
Officer observed a subject hitchhiking. A query check revealed that the subject had an outstanding default warrant. Subject was placed under arrest.

Sector 8
Accident: 9/3 at 6:12am – Warren St
Officer responded to a report of a motor vehicle crash. Officer observed a vehicle that had crashed into a wall and damaged the iron fence attached to it and the landscape around it. Operator was nowhere to be found on the scene.

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