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Monday, August 27, 2012

Police Reports 8/24-8/27

 Sector 1 
Assault: 8/25 at 2:49pm – Beacon St and Harvard St
Officers were alerted by witnesses that they observed two men fighting. Victim stated that he and a male subject got into a verbal agreement. The subject bumped him with his body twice and then punched the victim in the face. Subject will be summonsed in for Assault and Battery.

Sector 1
Accident MV/Property: 8/25 at 7:27am - St. Paul St
Caller stated that she saw a vehicle on the front part of her driveway and the side walk.  Caller then stated that after the crash, the vehicle had a flat tire and it began to pull away slowly. The vehicle later pulled up and was immediately identified by the caller. Driver stated that he fell asleep and his vehicle ran up the curb, struck the sign and stopped in front of St. Paul St.  Driver was issued citation for Marked lanes violation and Driving upon sidewalk. 

Sector 1
Warrant: 8/24 at 10:30pm – Amory Park
Officer observed a vehicle parked in Amory Park which was closed with signs clearly posted at the entrance to the park. As the officer approached the vehicle, he saw a clear plastic bag containing marijuana- that was in plain view in the center consul of the vehicle. One party in the vehicle was placed under arrest for a default warrant. All parties in the vehicle were issued a Town By Law Citation for Possession of less than an Ounce of Marijuana.

Sector 2
MV Theft: 8/25 at 3:52pm – Perry St
Victim stated his wallet and truck missing. He has since cancelled the credit card and reports no pending transactions from the card. On 8/26 he stated that cash withdrawal was made in his bank statement.

Sector 3
Assault: 8/26 at 2:35am – Harvard St toward Centre St
Officers were dispatched to a residence to speak with a party about a suspicious person. Caller stated that a female party had been walking through an alley when a male party had attempted to grab her. As she tugged away from the suspect, he struck her in the face with an open hand. The victim was uninjured and did not require any medical attention. Suspect is described as a Middle Eastern man in his 20-30s, average build, 5'5" to 5'11" with curly black hair that was approximately neck length and was gelled back.  He was wearing a white or light colored button up shirt.

Sector 3
Bike Larceny: Occurred sometime after  8/24 at 10:00pm – Beacon St
Victim stated that her bicycle was stolen off the bike rack in the rear of the building.

Sector 4
Bike Larceny: Occurred 8/23 b/t 5:00pm & 8/26 b/t 5:00pm – Cypress Street
Officer responded to a report of a stolen bicycle. Victim stated that he last placed his bike unlocked in the garage of his apartment building. On 8/26, victim discovered his bicycle-damaged- leaning on a pole along the walkway that leads to Cypress Street.

Sector 8
Malicious Damage Auto: 8/25 at 8:00pm – Hammond St towards Woodland Road
Victims (passenger and driver) stated that as vehicle cut them off, victims  sounded his horn as a warning to the other driver in an effort to avoid a collision. The driver of the vehicle pulled over to the side of the road, exited his car and struck (kicked) the vehicle on the passenger's side rear quarter panel resulting in a dent on that side.

Operating After Suspension: 8/25 at 12:40am – Cypress St
Officer observed a vehicle make an illegal U-Turn. A vehicles registration check revealed that the Driver’s right to operate a MV was suspended. Driver was placed under arrest for Operating a MV with a Suspended License.

Not Duly Licensed: 8/27 at 1:10am – Eliot Ave
Officer observed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed. A registration check revealed that the operator did not have a driver's license or a learner's permit. Operator was placed under arrest for Operating without a Driver's License. Officers later uncovered marijuana in the middle console of the vehicle. Operator was issued a civil citation for possession of less than one ounce of Marijuana.

Operating After Suspension: 8/25 at 7:40pm – Harvard St
Officer observed a vehicle making an illegal U-turn around a median divider and reverse direction. A registration query revealed that the operator’s license was suspended. Operator was placed under arrest and cited for After Suspension and an Illegal U-Turn.

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