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Friday, July 20, 2012

Police Reports 7/19

Larceny: Occurred 7/14 between 2pm-3:30pm – Center St Lot
Victim reported that her purse was taken from her vehicle. Purse contained two prescriptions. She believes she may have left the doors unlocked.

Accident Multiple MV: 7/19 at 2:23pm – Harvard St

Officer responded to a report of a minor motor vehicle accident. Operator stated that the vehicle behind her had driven into the rear of her vehicle. Neither party sustained any injuries.

Larceny: Occurred 7/13 between 12:15pm-7pm – Egmont St

Victim stated that her package was stolen from the foyer of her building. She was informed that her package had been delivered at 12:15pm.

Graffiti Law: 7/19 at 3:40pm– Washington St

Officers conducted a search warrant and a subsequent arrest of a known graffiti tagger in Brookline. He and another known avid tagger had been responsible for over 400 documented accounts of graffiti tags seen throughout the town. Officers sent a request for an arrest warrant, as well as, a search warrant for the other tagger’s place of residence.

•    7/19 at 6:13pm – Boylston St

Officers noticed two graffiti tags. The first tag was painted in white and red colors and the second tag in red spray paint. The tags were "PH" and "PHOP..."
•    7/5 at 6:15pm – Chestnut Hill Ave

Officers overlooked the Reservoir Train Tracks which is known to be a high crime area for graffiti. Upon arrival, officers, observed six "PHOP" tags on the walls of the train tracks.
•    7/19 at 6:32pm – Beaconsfield Rd

Offices observed two distinct graffiti tags that was in black spray paint and read "P.HO.P". 

Accident Bicycle: 7/19 at 5:49pm - Harvard St and Aspinwall Ave

Police units responded to a report of a traffic crash involving a bicycle at the intersection of Harvard St and Aspinwall Ave. Operator of the vehicle relayed that a bicyclist had ridden directly into the back of her vehicle. Witness claimed that the bicyclist was riding erratically by weaving between stopped motor vehicle traffic. The bicyclist was not wearing a helmet and was observed to be extremely disoriented with a possible head injury. He was attended to by the ambulance and taken to the hospital. Bicyclist issued By-Law citation for improper (unsafe) passing of vehicles.

Larceny: Occurred 7/19 between 3:30pm -6pm – Kilsyth Rd

Officer was dispatched to Kilsyth Rd for a report of a stolen license plate. Victim arrived home and noticed that the front plate from the vehicle was missing.

Assault: 7/19 at 9:04pm - Harvard St and Verndale St

Officer was dispatched to the area of for a medical emergency by a caller reporting of a male party who was "passed out." Officer observed a subject sleeping on a town bench surrounded by items and trash, including a full unopened beer can and a full unopened nip size bottle of whiskey. The subject became furious when woken up and constantly shouted comments that could not be understood due to the severity of his slurred speech. He was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

Assault: 7/20 at 12:12am – Beacon St

Officer pulled over a vehicle that neglected to stop at a red light. Officer was informed by dispatch that the operator’s license had been revoked. The vehicle was turned over to the operator’s friend, who was in the car. Operator was issued a citation and will be summonsed to court for the following offenses, Marked Lanes Violation, Operating after Revocation.

Assault: 7/20 at 1:00am – Commonwealth Ave

Victim stated that she was going out for a walk, when she encountered a female subject who she had an open case against her. Victim feared for her safety and ran back and hid inside the park. The subject chased the victim in and out of the park with a knife in her hand. Neither verbal nor physical contact was made between the victim and the subject during the chase. Officers were unable to locate the woman. Victim described her as a black female, wearing white shirt, beige shorts, and grey shoes and walking a black dog.  Officers have requested an arrest warrant on the subject for the following offense; Assault Dangerous Weapon (knife), Intimidation of a Witness, Threats to Commit a Crime. 

Armed Robbery: 7/20 at 1:48am –Murphy Park on the corner of Brook St. and Kent St

 Multiple units responded to a case of an armed robbery with a firearm that just occurred in Murphy Park. The description of the suspect given to responding units was a dark skinned black male with short hair wearing tan/khaki cargo shorts and a red short-sleeve shirt. The reporting parties also stated that the subject was possibly in his early twenties or late teens with a thin build. Victims stated that the suspect approached them and revealed a black colored semi-automatic type handgun down by his right side. Suspect requested for the victim’s phone and then fled. 5-7 minutes later, an officer spotted a subject fitting the description of the suspect. The recovered gun was identified as a pellet gun. Suspect will be charged for the following: 2 counts of Armed Robbery (Gun), Possession with intent to distribute class D, Possession with intent to distribute within a 1,000 feet of a school zone/park.

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