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Monday, July 16, 2012

Police Reports 7/14-7/16

Accident: 7/16 at 3:15am – Washington St
Subject stated that he fell asleep while operating his vehicle, which resulted in his vehicle striking a tree. Subject was in stable condition, with non-incapacitating injuries.  Officers discovered that the subject never sought a driver’s license. He was charged with the following charges: unlicensed operation, operating outside marked lanes, and impeded operation.

Operating After Suspension: 7/16 at 12:22am – Webster St
Officers observed a vehicle making an illegal U-Turn. Registration revealed that that the driver had a suspended license. Subject was placed under arrest and charged with: Operating after suspension, Illegal U-turn where posted, and Defective equipment.

Not Duly License: 7/15 at 11:45am – Washington St
A query of a motor vehicle revealed that the driver’s license had been revoked. Driver was charged with unlicensed operation and operating after registration revocation.

Larceny:  Occurred 7/14 at 5:25pm – Perry St.
Woman reported some checks from her book were stolen. She did not see anyone take these items and there is no activity on the account. Account was cancelled.

Operating After Suspension: 7/15 at 4:55pm – Harvard St
Officers observed a vehicle making an illegal left turn from Harvard Street onto Beacon Street eastbound. A registry check revealed the subject’s a motor vehicle was suspended. Subject was placed under arrest and was charged with: operating after suspension and making a left turn where prohibited.

Larceny: Occurred 7/14 between 10:00pm-7/15 1:30pm– Pleasant St
Officer responded to a report of a stolen cell phone report. Subject stated that she left her phone on her desk at around 10:00pm and returned the next day at 1:30pm to find her phone missing. She ‘pinged’ the phone at approximately 1:45am and it was moving on Centre St in Boston. At approximately 1400 hrs she ‘pinged’ the phone again and the phone had stopped moving at Armstrong St. in Boston. Part-time custodian stated he did not notice the phone while he was working today.

Animal Bite: 7/15 at 1:00am – Naples Rd
Officer responded for a report of a bat in the house. Victims explained that they were woken up by the bat and that both of them were exposed to the bat while they were asleep.  Neither knows for sure if they were bit or not. The bat was captured and brought to the state lab for testing. 

Burglary: Occurred 6/14 between 10:00pm- 6/15 9:00am – Kent St and Francis St
Officer responded to a call for a motor vehicle theft. There was also a missing IPad and a  recent charge on their online banking account. Officers checked the other vehicles on Kent St. and Francis St. Out of the twelve vehicles in the immediate area that were parked in the driveways, six out of the twelve were unlocked. Neighbors reported nothing missing or disturbed in their vehicles. The vehicle was later found and towed back to the station for further processing by the detectives.

Malicious Damage: - Occurred 7/4 between 9:00am – 11:00pm Columbia St
Victim claimed he left his vehicle in front of his house from 9:00am – 11:00pm. The next morning, he noticed the rear license plate was folded upwards, and the rear wiper was missing. The wiper was found just ahead of where the vehicle was parked on the street. There was no other damage to the vehicle, and no witnesses to this crime.

Malicious Damage: 7/15 at 2:50am – Boylston St approaching Hammond St
Victim claimed he was struck by a partially full beer can. He was able to write down the suspect’s license plate number. Officer was able to identify that the vehicle was registered to a resident of Dedham. Dedham Police Department was contacted and they sent a car to the resident’s address. No vehicle was found and no contact was able to be made. At this time there is no way of knowing who was driving the vehicle or who may have thrown the beer can out of the vehicle.  Victim did not see how many people were in the car and did not get any descriptions of the driver or any passengers.

Accident: 7/15 2:19am – Mountfort St/St. Mary’s St
Officer responded to the intersection of Mountford St and St. Mary's St for a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle. Pedestrian was transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries suffered from the crash. Driver claimed that he never saw the pedestrian attempting to cross. Upon questioning, pedestrian stated that on her way home after having 4 or 5 drinks, she ran out into the street without looking for on coming traffic.  Officers observed no skid marks, no gauges in the street, and the traffic light was functioning properly. Accident is still under investigation.

Breaking and Entering of MV: Occurred 7/14 between 6:40pm-8:00pm – Fuller St
Victim reported that her vehicle had been broken into earlier in the night while parked in the Fuller St parking lot. She returned to notice that the rear driver’s side window was smashed. Officer observed a small pry mark on the bottom left side of the molding area to her window; which appears that the suspect(s) used a sharp screwdriver type instrument to smash the glass. At this time, the victim does not believe anything was taken but was advised to call again if she discovered something was stolen.

Larceny: 7/14 5:49pm – Harvard St
Subject was caught concealing security tags. 13 items were recovered from the store and other items from other store. She also had controlled medications in her possession. Subject was placed under arrest and charged with the following: Shoplifting, Receive Stolen Property, and Possession Class E.

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