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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Police Reports 7/16 - 7/17

Larceny: Occurred 7/16 between 12:00pm-1:00pm – Heath St
Victim stated his IPod missing from his backpack after he left it in a café to get lunch. Nothing else was missing from the bag.

Malicious Damage: 7/16 at 7:30am – Larz Anderson Park
Complainant reported that his car had a flat tire after it was left in a parking lot. There was no evidence of damage and the rest of the car appeared in tact. 

Operating After Suspension: 7/17 at 4:45am – Babcock St
Subject was arrested and charged with Operating after Suspension. Car was towed and the license was confiscated.

Graffiti Law: 7/17 at 3:42am - Boylston St
While conducting a building check, officer noticed a recent graffiti tag. Tag read “SMOOTH!” Graffiti Unit was notified.

Larceny: Occurred 7/16 at 5:00pm – Hawthorn Rd
Victim stated that her son’s phone was stolen after he was playing basketball. The phone was left in a gym bag which was placed on the bleachers near the basketball courts.

Burglary: Occurred 7/16 between 8:30am-6:30pm – Ackers Ave
Officer responded to a report of a past residential Breaking and Entering. Victims returned home to find the back door open and items moved around the house. Engagement ring, diamond watch, laptop, and video camera were all found missing.

Malicious Damage: Occurred between 7/13 at 5pm and 7/19 at 1pm- Longwood Ave
Victim stated that his scooter had been vandalized by means of spray paint. Because the scooter was reported stolen a while back, the victim was concerned that the individual who had originally stolen his scooter had come back to vandalize it as a means of revenge. There was no illness or injury reported.

Burglary: Hammond St
Officer responded to an open door call. The front door bolt had been smashed, alarm key was taken off the wall, and there was an audible alarm sounding. Officer discovered a screw driver on the floor in the hallway near the master bedroom. Entry was gained through the front foyer door using the screw driver and there was a pry mark on the front foyer door. The apartment appeared intact and nothing appeared disturbed.

ID Fraud: Occurred between 4/10-7/11
Victim came to the station for a report of identity theft. She stated that she filed her taxes on 4/10/2012 and since had not received them. According to the IRS, someone else had already attempted to file a return with the victims name, DOB, and social security number. Investigation is being made. Social Security and the Credit Bureau had been notified.

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