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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Police Report 7/25

OUIL: 7//26 at 3:40am - Longwood Ave
Officer approached a vehicle that was still on the road with the engine running. Officer noticed a faint smell of alcohol and a moderate smell of fresh burnt marijuana and then saw a glass marijuana pipe sitting on the center console. When subject was woken up, he was dazed and speaking incoherently. Operator was placed arrest for Operating Under the Influence of Liquor, Operating Under the Influence of Drugs, and Obstructing the Free Flow of Traffic and issued a civil violation for Possession of Less than 1 ounce of Marijuana.

Breaking & Entering & Larceny: Occurred after 7/13 at 5:30pm - Boylston St
Service manager of a car dealership reported that a dealership loaner car was taken from his lot. Officer spoke with the previous user of the vehicle, and she stated that she left the keys to the loaner car at the desk, picked up her keys and paperwork and drove off the lot with her car. A stolen car report was filed.

Graffiti Law: 7/25 at 3:16pm - John St
Man received a complaint from a tenant that there was fresh graffiti in the rear of the building. The graffiti was done in black marker or spray paint on the metal casing housing a large steam vent.  The Walk and Talk officers were notified.

Larceny: 7/25 at 3:52pm - Beacon St
Man reported that his IPad was taken from him while he was inside the post office. He stated that he placed his I-Pad on the table located in the middle of the post office. He stated that he walked away and left it there and returned to find it missing.

Accident: Occurred 7/23 at 4:50pm - Commonwealth Ave

Witness stated that he observed a taxi cab crash into a bicyclist and then take off. Witness spoke to the bicyclist but the bicyclist claimed he was fine and then walked away. Witness was able to take down the taxi cab’s license plate number. Two days later, a man came to the station to obtain a crash report regarding the incident. The officer on the scene was contacted and he attempted to ascertain the facts of the crash. The man stated that he was cut off by a taxi cab and he went up on the hood of the cab, rolled over the hood, and fell onto the ground. He claimed to have sustained some ankle discomfort and his bike was destroyed. Officer contacted the taxi cab driver and he claimed that the bicyclist was traveling at a high rate of speed in the opposite direction and that the bicyclist struck his cab as he was making a turn. Due to the inconsistencies of the stories, lack of evidence, and the fact that neither party contacted the police during the time of the crash to report it, no citations were issued to either operator.

Operating After Suspension: 7/25 at 3:21pm - Allandale Rd

Officer pulled over a car that was driving 40mph over the speed limit. Registration check revealed that the license was suspended. The operator was placed under arrest and was issued a citation for Speeding and Operating with a Suspended License.

Protective Custody: 7/25 at 2:50pm - Harvard St
Officers responded to a report of a female who appeared passed out on the steps. Upon questioning, the female was extremely uncooperative and attempted many times to walk away. Officers noticed that there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from her breath, her eyes were blood shot, her speech was slurred and she was unsteady on her feet. Officer concluded that she was impaired due to her consumption of liquor and she was placed in protective custody.

Accident: 7/25 at 10:25am – Boylston St
Officer noticed two vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed. As the officer attempted to stop the vehicles, the vehicle in back struck the vehicle in front. Both operators were not injured and declined medical attention. The vehicle in back was cited for Speeding and Following Too Closely. The front vehicle was cited for Speeding.

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