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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Police Reports 7/24

Operating After Suspension: 7/25 at 6:59am - Harvard St towards Beacon St
A random query of a vehicle’s registration revealed that the registered owner had a Failed Inspection Sticker and a Suspended license status. Subject was placed under arrest and charged with Operating After Suspension and Failed Inspection Sticker.

Breaking and Entering: Occurred 7/24 between 1:40pm – 6:35pm at Buckminister Rd
Officer was dispatched to take a Breaking and Entering and Larceny report at Buckminister Rd. Victim stated that her housemate returned home to find the home had been entered. A report was taken, case is still under investigation. 

ID Fraud: 7/24 at 5:19pm – Egmont St
Male resident stated to be a victim of identity theft. The male stated that he received a phone call from an employee of a dealership in California, who explained that he was the victim of fraud. A car was purchased by a party claiming to be the resident and they were looking to get the car back due to non payment. Resident checked his bank, credit cards, and other financial  accounts and there are no discrepancies.

Larceny: 7/24 at 3:30pm – Harvard ST
Loss Prevention employee had a suspect detained in his office for suspicious behavior. Employee observed the subject placing two unpaid eyeglass cases into a bag of paid merchandise. Based on the employee’s observation and security footage, suspect will be summonsed for shoplifting. Suspect was issued a verbal no-trespass order prohibiting his return to the store and was asked to leave.

Burglary: Occurred 7/23 between 10:30am – 12:00pm on Clinton Rd
Resident/victim stated that her home was broken into. It appears the suspect returned to the basement and exited through the rear door. The only part of the house that was targeted was the victim’s bedroom on the second floor.  She reported that close to 50 pairs of earrings, 10-20 necklaces and bracelets were found missing. Victim claimed that when she left her house, there was a dark skinned white male, in  his 20's slim with dark hair and facial hair wearing a gold colored shot sleeve shirt, walking suspiciously in front of her house at a slow pace.

Fire Building: 7/24 at 10:05am - Beacon St
Officer and the Fire Department was dispatched to a report of smoke coming from an apartment. After a forced entry was made, they discovered piece of wood smoldering on the stove. The small fire was put out by the fire department. Investigation revealed that a microwave fell off the shelf and hit the stove, which caused it to turn on. The piece of shelf that had broken off started to smolder and caught fire.  No injuries reported.

Traffic Offense: 7/24 at 9:11am - Lagrange St

Officer observed a vehicle proceed through the stop sign. Operator was placed under arrest and cited for unlicensed operation and a stop sign violation.

Breaking and Entering and Larceny: Occurred 7/24 at 9:30pm - St May's St

Victim reported that she parked her vehicle last night and returned in the morning to find that her left rear passenger window was smashed. She noticed numerous items missing. Officer advised that she cancel all credit cards and run a check to make sure the cards weren't used, and also to contact the Id theft hotline. No further information at this time.

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