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Friday, July 13, 2012

Police Report 7/11-7/12

Malicious Damage: 7/13 at 6:15am – Dudley Way & Lee St to Boylston St & Warren St
Officers responded to a report of garbage bins in the water. They observed 7 garbage bins that had been removed from their foundation and rolled into the reservoir. The Water Department was notified.

Protective Custody: 7/12 at 11:49pm – Chapel St
Officer responded to a report of a motorcycle accident. Upon arrival, officers observed that there was in fact no accident but that the party in possession of the moped was heavily intoxicated. They determined that the subject was in no condition to care for himself. Subject was placed into Protective Custody. The moped was towed and held until an owner could be determined.

Larceny: Occurred 7/9 at 5:30pm – Linden St
Victim reported a theft of her package. The service carrier claimed that the package was left outside on the front stairs of her building. Victim arrived home to find that there was no package on the stairs.

Fall on Town Property: 7/12 at 3:50pm – Center St
Officer witnessed a woman trip and fall on the sidewalk in front of a market. He immediately requested EMS and rendered assistance until they arrived. Woman suffered scrapes to her left knee and both wrists. She was treated by the ambulance. Upon further investigation, officer observed several large cracks and deep depressions in the sidewalk. D.P.W. was notified and cones were placed over the damage area.

Graffiti Law: 7/12 at 1:35pm – Village Way
Caller stated he observed several graffiti markings over the past two weeks on the Village Way property all with the same tag. Walk & Talk Officers were notified.

Breaking & Entering of MV: 7/12 at 12:45pm – Ivy St
Officers responded to a report of a breaking and entering into a motor vehicle in progress.  Witness observed two young black males, wearing beach shorts, and no shirts fleeing from the scene, after they reached into the window of a dark-colored motor vehicle. Officers were able to stop 2 suspects across the street fitting that description. Subjects will be charged with the criminal offenses of Juvenile Delinquency to wit: Breaking and Entering into a Motor Vehicle.

Assault: 7/12 at 10:10am – Beacon St
Officers responded to a report of a past assault and battery. Caller stated that he and an acquaintance of his got into an argument. The acquaintance struck the caller with his walking cane, in the left elbow. Caller fell and landed on the front yard and was struck again on his back with the cane. Both parties refused medical attention and there were no visible injuries to either party. Both were issued a criminal complaint.

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