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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Two Juveniles Scooter-ed off to Jail

On 7/10 at 4:46pm, officer observed two male juveniles operating a motor scooter without helmets on the sidewalk of Sewall Ave. When stopped for questioning, both parties seemed to be nervous and hesitant to speak. Neither party knew where there were and stated that they would go get their helmets. After officers identified the subjects, their investigation led them to conclude that the scooter had been stolen. Subjects were placed under arrest. One will be charged with receiving stolen property, failure to wear a helmet, operating without a license, and operating recklessly. The other will be charged with receiving stolen property.
    A little while later, the owner of a scooter contacted the Brookline Police Station to report that her scooter had been stolen. She stated that her scooter was parked on the sidewalk on Babcock Street. Her descriptions matched perfectly to the scooter officers recovered on scene. Scooter was returned to its rightful owner.
    The town of Brookline has seen an increase in stolen scooter incidences in the past several weeks. Our investigation has revealed that some of these scooters are able to be jump started. Once again we advise all owners to lock their scooters to something for maximum security. Thefts have occurred at various times throughout the day so always keep a close eye on your personal property. And more importantly, be on the lookout for possible suspicious behavior in your neighborhood. Here are some safety tips taken from the web:

•    Use case hardened steel locks with large chains and large padlocks
•    Run the lock through both the front and back wheels
•    Put cover over scooter - causing noise
•    Lock the steering wheel

The idea is to deter the thief from wanting to spend the time to get to the scooter. The longer they take in trying to free the locks, the more time someone will have in stopping or getting a good look at the thief.

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