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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Police Reports 3/19-3/20

OUIL: Occurred on 3/20 at 12:04 AM- Beacon St.

A black Mercedes failed to stop for a red light on Beacon St. The officer conducted a traffic stop on Beacon St. Upon reaching the vehicle, the officer could detect a strong odor of alcohol emanating from the vehicle. Officers observed significant damage to the front of the vehicle. Based on the observations, the driver was placed under arrest for operating under the influence of liquor.

Arrest: Occurred on 3/19 at 10:55 AM- Goddard Ave./ Avon St.

A vehicle traveled past the intersection of Goddard Ave. and Avon St. at a high rate of speed. The officers then initiated a traffic stop. A query of the driver’s information revealed that his right to operate had expired. The operator was placed under arrest for Not Duly Licensed.

Assault: Occurred on 3/18 at 4:25 PM- South St.

An employee at The Bournewood Hospital reported an assault and battery that had occurred on March 18. The employee stated that three patients were involved in an altercation. A female subject stated that she was using the phone when a male subject approached her aggressively, and she punched him. A second male subject stated that he intervened in an attempt to restrain the female subject, and that he and the other male subject had exchanged punches. All three parties will be summonsed to Brookline District Court for assault and battery.

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