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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Police Reports 3/21-3/22

Arrest: Occurred on 3/22 at 1:25 AM- Freeman St.

A vehicle was traveling on Babcock St. at a very high rate of speed. The officer attempted to make a traffic stop, however the vehicle continued to accelerate onto Freeman St. The vehicle then turned onto Pleasant St. and Thatcher St., finally stopping in the Dexter Park parking lot. The occupants of the vehicle exited the car and fled into the Dexter Park apartment building.

One of the passengers tripped and fell, at which time the officer was able to stop him. Two other passengers who had been running also stopped at this time. The three passengers stated that they did not know the driver or where he fled to. One of the passengers provided an officer with a false name and social security number. A criminal application was filed for this subject for False Name to Police and Obstruction of Justice. Officers went to this passenger’s apartment, where the driver of the vehicle was hiding and voluntarily came downstairs to talk to the police. This subject was placed under arrest for failure to stop for the police and operating to endanger.

Shoplifting: Occurred on 3/21 at 7:34 PM- Harvard St.

A loss prevention employee at TJ Maxx reported a shoplifting. The employee stated that he observed an individual placing merchandise into a personal bag that she had brought into the store. The subject was placed under arrest for Shoplifting.

Arrest: Occurred on 3/21 at 6:20 PM- Centre St.

A vehicle was traveling on Williams St. without operational brake lights. The officer conducted a traffic stop on Centre St. A query of the driver’s information revealed that her license was suspended. The driver was placed under arrest for Operating after Suspension.

Burglary: Occurred between 3/20 and 3/21- St. Paul St.

A St. Paul St. resident reported a burglary. The victim stated that he noticed that two televisions in the fitness area of the building were missing. The victim then checked his storage unit, where he discovered that two bicycles were missing. Another resident reported that someone had entered her storage unit and moved items around, but nothing was taken. There are several other storage units located in the basement and it is unclear whether any units have been compromised.

Larceny: Occurred on 3/20- Davis Ave

A Davis Ave. resident reported that two bicycles were stolen from the front hallway of his building. An individual reported that she had found a bicycle in the yard of her Davis Ave. residence at 8:45 Am on 3/21. The bicycle was positively identified and returned to the owner. The second bicycle has not been recovered.

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