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Wednesday, November 2, 2011



Occurred on 11/1 at 9 AM – Dummer St./Amory St.

An individual stated she had her wristlet stolen from her purse this morning, and her credit card was used fraudulently in Watertown at the Filene’s.

She parked her car on Amory St. around 9:00am at a meter between Commonwealth Ave and Dummer St., and used change from her wristlet to pay for it. She then placed it back in her purse and walked towards home. Near the intersection of Dummer St. and Amory St., the victim remembered bumping into a man and a woman who were together. She could not provide a detailed description of either party except the male was in his late 20s to 30 years of age, and the female was wearing a winter ski hat with ear flaps.

When she arrived at work she realized her wristlet was missing. She contacted her bank and learned that her that her credit card had been used fraudulently. Filene’s is working on retrieving a surveillance video.

Occurred on 10/31 – Lowell Rd.

A town employee who works at the high school reported parking his vehicle at 6 AM. When he returned at approximately 2:45 PM, he noticed the front plate had been removed. The screws holding the plate to the vehicle were broken in half and still attached to the vehicle, indicating that the plate had been forcibly removed. No other damage had occurred to the truck.


Occurred on 10/31 at 2:30 PM – Harvard St./Vernon St.

A bank teller reported that an individual attempted to cash a check at the bank. The teller felt something was odd about the check so she contacted the issuing business to confirm it was real. The individual then demanded the check back and left with it. The business called the bank back and confirmed that the check was a fake, and that the original check had been issued to someone else. The suspect is being summonsed for Forgery and Uttering.

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