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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Motor Vehicle Crash:

Occurred on 10/9 at 10:47 AM – Coolidge Corner

Officers responded to the area for a reported motor vehicle crash. One driver had been travelling eastbound on Beacon Street when she made an illegal left hand turn, where a No Left Turn sign was posted, onto Harvard Street. Vehicle #2 was travelling westbound on Beacon Street with a solid green traffic signal. The operator of Vehicle #2 was unable to stop his vehicle prior to making contact with the first vehicle. No injuries were reported at the time of the accident.


Occurred on 10/8 at at 1:16 AM – St. Mary’s Court

Officers responded to the area for a reported vehicle in the parking lot with all four tires missing, and being supported by cinder blocks. Video surveillance showed what appeared to be a dark colored coupe, drive into the parking lot at 12:08 AM, drive around the lot, park and turn off its lights, then drive out of the parking lot. It appeared the same vehicle repeated the same actions at 12:32 AM. At 1:16 AM, what appeared to be the same vehicle from earlier is seen entering the parking lot again. The vehicle parks, turns off its lights, then parks next to the victim’s vehicle. At 1:46 AM, the dark coupe leaves the parking lot. The front passenger side tire is visible on the victim’s vehicle at 1:16 AM, when the vehicle enters, but when it leaves at 1:46 AM it is no longer visible.

A cook at the Beacon Tavern stated that when he left at 1:30 AM, he observed two Hispanic males in a dark in color (either black or dark gray) older model Honda Civic with chrome rims. The first was described as a skinny male wearing a white short sleeve t-shirt, and shorts, in his mid-20's. The individual was unshaven and spoke both English and Spanish. The other individual was a heavy set Hispanic male approximately 30 years in age, wearing a white short sleeve t-shirt and long pants. Additionally, he had a trimmed mustache and beard and was on his cell phone most of the time.

Assault and Battery:

Occurred on 10/8 at 2:44 AM – Beacon St./Park St.

Officers responded to the area for a cab fare dispute. The driver stated that the passenger was kicking the back of his chair and screaming at him just prior to passing out. When the passenger was woken, she seemed very upset and attempted to kick an officer while she was seated in the cab. She then ran away from the scene, but was caught by another officer and escorted back. She continued to fight, kick, and scream at officers and EMTs. She was arrested and charged with:

Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon: To Wit: Shod foot (2 counts)

Assault and Battery on an EMT

Assault and Battery on a Police Officer

Disorderly Conduct

Resisting Arrest

Attempted Robbery:

Occurred on 10/8 at 2:53 AM – Harvard St./Fuller St.

Officers responded to a call for an unarmed robbery in the area. The victims stated that they were walking northbound along the odd side of Harvard Street in the area of Fuller Street when they observed a male walking on the opposite side of the street cross over and approach them. They described this male as dark skinned, possibly black or Hispanic with dreadlocks, and wearing a plaid jacket. They stated that upon approaching them, the subject requested money, which they both refused to provide. They went on to say that after they refused to provide the subject money a second time, he began removing his plaid jacket and commented to the effect of "ok, then I guess I'm going to have to fight you for it." The suspect was unable to obtain any money from either victim, but both felt threatened by his attempt to rob them and both began running north on Harvard Street.

When officers canvassed the area, they observed a male party matching the description given walking with two females north on Harvard Street near Babcock Street. He was carrying a plaid jacket over his shoulder. He denied any involvement and stated he was coming from Allston.

Both victims identified him as the man who tried to rob them. He was arrested and charged with Attempt to Commit a Crime, to-wit, unarmed robbery


Occurred 10/6-10/7 – Independence Dr.

Officers were dispatched to the area for a reported burglary. The residents stated they had left their home on October 6th at approximately 10:00 AM for a trip and returned the next day at 11:10 PM to find their apartment ransacked. The living room window facing Independence Dr. and their front door were opened, the living room was in disarray, and their television was missing. A camera, laptop, and an external hard drive were also discovered missing.

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