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Friday, October 14, 2011



Occurred on 10/14 – Freeman St.

Officers responded to the area for a reported burglary. The victim stated that somebody came in through his living room window and took his wallet and cell phone. He heard an audible alarm coming from the emergency exit fire door directly next to his apartment. The alarm was triggered when the emergency door was opened at 3:20 AM.

Occurred on 10/13 – Thatcher St.

Officers responded to a reported burglary in the area. The victims stated that they had gone out at approximately 10:30 PM on October 13th and had returned home at 12:20 AM. When they got home, one noticed that the blinds in her room were up and not the way she had left them. When she investigated, she discovered her window had been opened and the locking mechanism had been broken. The back door to their building was unlocked and unsecured when they returned home. 3 laptops and a backpack were reported missing.


Occurred on 10/13 at 3:30 PM – The Encore Exchange (318 Harvard St.)

Officers were dispatched to The Encore Exchange for a shoplifting report. The shop owner stated that between 3:30pm - 3:45pm a gold charm was stolen from inside the store's front display case. She had been helping a customer at this display case, when the telephone rang. When she turned back around she noticed the door to the display case was open and some jewelry from inside was on the floor beside the case. The customer was still there but he began to talk on his cell phone and then left the store. A minute or so after the customer left the store the owner realized the charm was missing from the case.

The customer was described as a Spanish male, approximately 6'02", brown hair, brown eyes, dark skin, slender build and possibly wearing a mustache. The owner also said that this same man has been in the store two or three times over the last couple of months inquiring about the charm that was stolen

Motor Vehicle Crash:

Occurred on 10/13 at 3:54 PM – Rt.9/Heath St.

Vehicle #1 was travelling down RT 9 eastbound approaching Heath St when he ran a red light and hit Vehicle #2 as it was crossing RT 9. There were no reported injuries, and the driver of Vehicle #1 received a citation for a red light violation.

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