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Wednesday, September 7, 2011



Occurred at 11:45 PM on 9/6 – Boylston Rd./Reservoir Rd.

Officers were dispatched to the area for a stopped MBTA bus that had requested police assistance. They entered the bus and spoke to the driver, who gestured towards a passenger and stated that he became disruptive when he got on the bus at Boylston St at Florence St. While the driver was trying to tell officers what had taken place, the passenger became agitated and was ordered off the bus. He was asked for identification. After dispatching the name of the individual, it was determined that there was an outstanding extraditable arrest warrant for him that was issued in July of 2008 out of Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

The driver relayed that when he went to start his route, the bus wouldn’t start and he was approximately 10 minutes late. When the agitated passenger got on and began expressing that he was upset at the bus being late, the driver tried to explain that the bus had broken down. The passenger continued his tirade against the driver, who became concerned that the passenger was distracting him from safely operating the bus. He asked the passenger to sit down, and he refused to do so.

The passenger then threatened the driver when he asked him "Is this your normal route?" to which the driver said "Yes!" The passenger then responded, "You see what I do to you!" He then appeared to be calling someone using his cell phone as he took a seat located on the opposite side of the driver and the first row of seats that faced forward. The driver at this point felt in fear of his life so he contacted MBTA Dispatch and requested police assistance. The passenger was arrested for threats to commit a crime and on the extraditable arrest warrant out of Kentucky.


Reported on 9/6 – Parkway Rd.

Officers were dispatched to take a report of a larceny of a Persian Oriental rug. The victim stated she left the rug rolled up on the top landing near the door that leads to the roof. She believes she last observed the rug around July 15, 2011. There is no sign that the building was broken into and the victim believes that someone that has access to the building removed the rug.

Motor Vehicle Crash:

Occurred at 1:27 on 9/6 – Dean Rd.

A driver on Dean Rd. lost control of his vehicle and struck an NSTAR utility pole. He was not injured, but the pole was heavily damaged. A citation for improper operation was issued.

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