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Thursday, September 1, 2011


MV Break-In

Occurred between 2:30 pm and 11:30 pm on Brookline Avenue near Parkway Road. Victim reports that their front passenger side window had been broken and that their glove compartment was open and items from within were littered on the floor. Missing from the vehicle was some loose change as well as a GPS which was taken from inside the center console. The GPS unit was not visible from the street. Brookline Detectives were called to the scene to process for prints.


Officers stopped a vehicle after running the license plate and finding that the registered owner has a suspended license. Officers confirmed that the driver was the registered owner of the vehicle, and the subject was placed under arrest. During an inventory search of the subjects vehicle the officers located a small amount of marijuana. The operator was additionally cited in accordance with Town By-Law 94C:32L Possession of Marijuana less than one ounce.

MV Theft

Officers responded to Enterprise Rent a Car, for a report of a larceny of a motor vehicle. While an employee was busy cleaning rental cars, a subject on a bicycle drove by the employee and make a complete lap of the building.

The subject then made a second lap however this time, stopped and looked into one of the vehicle in the lot. The subject is then seen riding out of the lot, still on the bicycle. Seconds later the suspect runs back into the lot on foot, and enters the same vehicle he had been canvassing. The suspect, now operating the vehicle, reverses out of the space, and exits the parking lot turning right onto Crowning shield Rd travelling in the wrong direction. The vehicle turns left onto Adams St. The vehicle is a blue 2011 Chrysler 200C convertible (MA Reg 629JD2). This information was obtained from video surveillance. No abandoned bicycles were located near the scene.

Larceny of Bike

A woman’s “cruiser” bicycle was stolen from the 1300 block of Beacon St. The NEXT Avalon 26” bicycle was taken from the rear of the victims building. The bike was secured with a chain lock however the suspect removed the bicycle leaving the rear tire and the lock still attached to the hand rail.

Malicious Destruction

A resident of Winthrop Rd reports having malicious damage done to his vehicle. The vehicle was parked in a lot on Adding ton Rd. for the night, and when the owner went to his car in the morning he found that all 4 of his tires were flattened. He called AAA to fill his tires but they wouldn't take any air, they had been punctured. Access was not gained to the interior of the vehicle.

Found Property

A citizen, while exiting the MBTA trolley at the Coolidge Corner MBTA stop, noticed a pair of keys sitting on the trolley stop bench. The good Samaritan turned the keys over to the Brookline Police where they will be held for safe keeping.

MV Accident

3 vehicles were involved in a minor damage accident on Mountfort St. All vehicles were driven away by the operators.

A cyclist complained of neck pain after being struck by a motor vehicle on Chestnut Hill Ave on 8/31. He stated the traffic was backed up from the light and the vehicle traveling behind him struck his bicycle rear tire knocking him to the ground. All he could remember was the motor vehicle was a small red vehicle and the operator was a male with brown hair, possibly in his thirties. He believes the operator was wearing a tuxedo.

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