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Friday, August 5, 2011



Occurred at 9:21 PM on 8/3 – Beacon St./Regent Ctr.

Officers were dispatched to an apartment building for a report of an unwanted person. The individual that was identified appeared to be intoxicated and was aggravated during questioning of her intent in the building. The concierge reported that she followed a resident into the lobby of the building and continued on without checking in with him, and when he asked where she was going she said she was visiting someone. When the concierge buzzed that apartment number, the resident stated that she was not expecting anyone. The individual then returned to the concierge to ask for a key to the pool area, and the concierge told her she needed to be accompanied by a resident. She left the front desk again, and the concierge went to the pool area to look for her and found her in the pool in her street clothes. It was then that he called the police, who made an arrest for Trespassing.

Disorderly Person:

Occurred at 9:03 PM on 8/4 – Beacon St./Park Dr.

Dispatch received a call about a female being robbed in an alley from a payphone in the above area. When officers arrived, they spoke to one witness, who gave them a description of a man he had seen using a payphone nearby. Efforts were then made to locate both the victim and the caller.

One officer stopped to check an alley, and observed an individual matching the description of the man who used the payphone peering into a window. When the officer made his presence known, the man immediately stepped back from the window. The officer attempted to ask him if he had made the phone call about the robbery, but the man became aggressive and walked away from the questioning. Officers caught up with him and asked him where he was coming from and where he was going, but his explanation did not appear to make sense. He was arrested based on the officer observing him peeping, his unclear explanations, and several other circumstances, for Disorderly Conduct: Peeping Tom.

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