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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 14-16th

March 14th- 16th


Occurred at 10:16 PM (3/14) – Beacon Street

Officers were patrolling the area when they conducted a registration check. In result of the registration check officers learned that the registered owner had a warrant. At this time officers conducted the traffic stop. The subject was subsequently placed under arrest without incident for the charges of the warrant.

Occurred between 4:45 PM (3/15) and 5:00 PM (3/15) – Beacon Street

Officers were assigned to the patrol bike unit when they observed a vehicle blocking the bicycle lane with its hazard lights activated. As the officer pulled up next to the vehicle the operator took the hazard lights off and began to stop. The officer ordered the driver to stop. The driver refused to produce a license and registration and would not cooperate with the officer. The subject was then placed under arrest for refusing to produce a driver’s license for an officer and a marked lane violation.

Occurred at 1:06 AM (3/16) – Beacon Street

Officers were monitoring a parking lot in the area when they observed a vehicle enter and then exit the lot with fogged up windows. The officer followed the vehicle and observed the vehicle sway in and out of lanes and cross the solid white line. Officers conducted the traffic stop and could smell a strong odor of marijuana. Upon investigation officers asked all four occupants of the vehicle to step out for a pat frisk. One of the occupants was holding a very large sum of money. Officer then got consent to search the vehicle where they found remnants of marijuana, a grinder, and opened liquor bottles. The officers then asked the driver to participate in field sobriety tests to ensure that the driver was not driving under the influence of alcohol. The operator completed these test successfully. After consideration of the circumstances, one of the passengers was placed under arrest for possession of alcohol under the age of twenty one, and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. The three other occupants will be summonsed into court for possession of alcohol under the age of twenty one. While the arrested subject was being booked, a powdery substance consistent to heroin was found. The subject was additionally charged with possession of a class A substance.

Occurred at 1:31 AM (3/16) – Brookline Avenue

Officers responded to a call from the Brookline Animal Hospital for a possible burglary. Upon arrival the employee/ caller stated that she had noticed a window that was usually shut to be open. She shut the window and then about five minute later heard a door of the building bang shut. She then became nervous that someone was in the building so she contacted the police. Officers searched the building and followed the footprints and finger prints from the window to the roof. Officer then found three individuals sleeping in a storage shed. Officers interviewed the individuals who were homeless and were sleeping in the shed for warmth. One of the individuals admitted to entering the building to find a warmer sleeping area. The subject who entered the building was placed under arrest for Breaking and Entering at night time to commit a felony, malicious destruction of property, possession of burglarious tools, and trespassing. The other two subjects were placed under arrest for trespassing.


Occurred between 10:26 AM (3/15) and 11:20 AM (3/15) – Tappan Street

Officers responded to a report of a larceny from a local dance studio. Upon investigation officers learned that the victim had placed her phone down in the dance room and before she left she realized it was gone. The victim has an idea of who may have took it and will produce a class list to further investigate.

Breaking and Entering and Larceny of a Motor Vehicle:

Occurred between 5:00 PM (3/14) and 5:50 PM (3/14) – Beacon Street

Officers responded to a report or breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. Upon investigation the victim stated that he had parked his vehicle in a metered spot on Beacon Street and when he returned he noticed the front passenger window to be smashed. The victim stated he later realized his wallet was missing. He also realized that six unknown transactions had been made on his credit card that was stolen. This case is under ongoing investigation.

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