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Monday, March 14, 2011

March 11th- 14th

March 11th- 14th

Occurred at 8:43 AM (3/11) – Brookline Avenue/ Pearl Street

Officers were monitoring traffic on Brookline Avenue when they noticed a vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed. The officer confirmed the vehicles speed to be 43 mph within a school zone with a 20 mph limit. Officers conducted the traffic stop for speeding. Upon investigation the officers learned that the subject’s right to operate was suspended. The subject was subsequently placed under arrest for operating after suspension and speeding. During an inventory search of the vehicle, a clear plastic bag containing marijuana was found. The subject was additionally issued a citation for possession of marijuana.

Occurred at 5:09 PM (3/11) – Lee Street

Officers were stopped on Boylston Street when a vehicle with very dark tinted windows pulled up beside the officer’s vehicle. Due to the MA state law on tinted windows the officer did a registration plate check. The check showed the registration of the vehicle to be suspended. The officer conducted the traffic stop. Upon investigation officers learned that the subject operating the vehicle did not have a license due to suspension. The passenger, who was the owner of the vehicle, was aware that the operator did not have a license. The subject operating the motor vehicle was placed under arrest for operating after suspension, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, and a tinted window violation. The owner of the vehicle was issued a citation for allowing an unlicensed operator and allowing and unregistered vehicle on the road.

Occurred at 1:28 AM (3/14) – Harvard Street/ Williams Street

Officers were patrolling the area when they observed a female being followed by a male. After a few minutes of walking the female approached the police cruiser explaining that she was being followed. The officers asked the male subject to stop and speak with the officer and the subject kept walking. Once the officers got the male subject to stop, it was evident that the subject did not speak English. Another officer was requested to the scene for translation. The male party identified himself but was unable to show identification due to being intoxicated. A pat frisk was conducted and officers discovered the subject’s wallet with a rolled up ten dollar bill with a white powdery substance on it. The victim stated the subject had followed him from the train and had put his hands on the victim while trying to talk to the victim. The subject was subsequently placed under arrest for Possession of a Class b controlled substance, assault and battery, and providing a false name.

Occurred at 12:33 AM (3/14) – Harvard Street/ Babcock Street
Officers were traveling on Harvard Street when they observed a vehicle that had failed to stop for a red light. The officers conducted the traffic stop and identified the driver. Officers learned that the subject’s license was suspended and the subject had four outstanding arrest warrants. The subject was subsequently placed under arrests for a red light violation, operating after suspension and the charges from the existing warrants.


Occurred between 9:15 AM (3/11) and 4:27 PM (3/11) – Greenway Court

An officer was assigned to the Coolidge corner walking beat when they were approached by a young lady who explained that she returned home to her apartment door being open and she believed it had been broken into. The officer assisted the subject back to her apartment. When additional officers arrived they entered the apartment and noticed that it had clearly been ransacked. The subject confirmed that the doors were locked when her and her roommates had left that morning. Officers noticed there had been pry marks on the front apartment door and the rear apartment door was left ajar. All three roommates confirmed items stolen. The apartment was processed and this case is under investigation.

Motor Vehicle Theft:

Occurred between 5:29 PM (2/16) and 9:43 AM (3/12) – Boylston Street

Officers were dispatched to take a report for a stolen motor vehicle. Upon arrival officers spoke with the subject who stated that he worked for U- Haul of Brookline. There was a customer that had rented and never returned the vehicle. The reporting subject stated that he had just started working for U-Haul and was just recently made aware of the situation and reported it when he was told too. The reporting subject had all of the paper work that showed the customers name and address. The officer requested that the customer be summonsed into court for Larceny of a motor vehicle.

Sex Offender Registry Violation:

Occurred at 11:10 PM (3/12) – Beacon Street

Officers were observing the Beacon Street area due to several past reports of a peeper/ prowler, when they observed a suspect believed to be involved in these recent incidents. They conducted a field interview asking where the subject was coming from and going. The subject had inconsistent answers and seemed very nervous as if he was lying. Officers learned that the subject is classified as a level three sex offender. He had failed to attend his required registration meeting for the sex offender registry the day prior and was in violation. The subject was subsequently placed under arrest for failure to register as a sex offender. During the inventory search of the subject, officers found objects that were placed into evidence.


Occurred at 7:04 PM (3/13) – Beacon Street

Officers conducted a registration check on a vehicle and the registration came up as expired. Officers conducted the traffic stop and advised the operator that the vehicle would be towed. The subject was issued a citation for an expired registration and was sent on his way. During an inventory search of the vehicle, a small bag of marijuana was found along with a tool use to grind marijuana. The owner was additionally issued a citation for possession of marijuana less than an ounce.

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