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Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 16th- 17th

March 16th- 17th


Occurred at 8:22 AM (3/16) – Buckminster Road/ Fisher Avenue

Officers were traveling north on Dean Road when they observed a vehicle proceed through the stop sign and pass through a crosswalk before coming to a stop. Officers conducted the traffic stop and asked the operator for a license and registration. The operator could only produce a Brazilian license and not a proper Massachusetts license. The subject was subsequently placed under arrest and cited for failure to stop at a stop sign and not duly licensed.

Occurred at 10:40 AM (3/16) – Boylston Street/ Clark Road

Officers observed a Ford pick up truck with Commercial license plates that had an expired registration sticker. The officer confirmed that the registration was expired and conducted the traffic stop. The operator could not produce a Massachusetts license or registration. The subject was subsequently placed under arrest for not being duly licensed and having an unregistered motor vehicle.

Occurred between 5:59 PM (3/16) and 6:30 PM (3/16) – Parkway Road

Officers were monitoring traffic at Parkway Road when they observed a gray sedan with an expired inspection sticker. Officers conducted the traffic stop and learned that the operator’s license status was suspended. The subject was subsequently placed under arrest for operating after suspension.

Operating after Suspension:

Occurred at 8:04 AM (3/16) – Washington Street/ Cypress Street

Officers were monitoring the crosswalks due to recent complaints of vehicles failing to stop for pedestrians. Officers observed a vehicle who failed to stop at the cross walk. Officers conducted the traffic stop and learned that the operator’s license status was expired due to non payment. The subject was cited for operating with an expired license and failing to stop for pedestrians. The subject will be summonsed into Brookline District Court for a hearing on these charges.

Occurred between 4:42 PM (3/16) and 5:30 PM (3/16) – Washington Street

Officers observed a vehicle make a left turn in an area with marked signs stating no left turn from 4PM to 6PM. Officers directed the vehicle to pull over. The subject’s registration status was revoked due to cancelled insurance. The vehicle was towed and the subject was cited for making an illegal left turn, operating a motor vehicle after a revoked registration and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.


Occurred between 6:30 PM (3/15) and 7:00 PM (3/15) – Greenough Street

A subject reported to the front desk of the police station to make a report of larceny. The subject stated that a purse and its contents were stolen while the subject was working the night shift at the Brookline High School. This case is under investigation.

Suspicious Activity: Be on the look out!

Occurred at 10:45 AM on (3/16) – Regent Circle

A resident of the area reported that she was looking out her window when she saw a male acting suspiciously. The male was reportedly walking around the building and looking at all the basement windows as he past them. He then walked into the basement of a building and walked back out. The male was describe as a white male in his 20’s, tall, thin, dark short hair, wearing blue head covering, jeans, dark jacket and a pair of sunglasses. Police searched the area but were unable to locate the subject.

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