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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

February 3, 2021


2/1/2021  BICYCLE THEFT - Officers responded to a bicycle theft where the reporting party stated that they left their bike in a common entryway in their building. The doorway requires a key for entry so the victim suspects the perpetrator to be someone from the building. 

2/1/2021 CREDIT CARD FRAUD - Officers responded to a report of credit card fraud where the victim stated that a person called them stating that their credit card has been compromised and they needed to provide their information in order to cease the fraudulent activity. Shortly after the victim gave their information to the caller, numerous transactions were made to their card in another state. This prompted the victim to contact police. 


2/2/2021 SCOOTER THEFT - Officers responded to a report for theft of a motorized scooter. The reporting party stated that they parked their scooter at a bike rack on Colchester St. Upon return, they discovered their scooter was missing and contacted police. 

2/2/2021 DAMAGE TO TOWN PROPERTY  - Officers took a damage report where a passerby saw two parking meter tops on lying on the snow. Officers observed the meters missing the tops and are in the process of investigating the damage. 

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