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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

February 1, 2021


Officers responded to three reports of unemployment fraud over the weekend.


1/29/2021 FRAUD – Officers responded to a fraud report where the reporting party stated that they were contacted by someone claiming to be a debt collector. They were attempting to collect money for an unpaid service that the victim received. The victim reported to police since they did not receive the reported service and they believed that their personal information had been compromised.

 1/29/2021 BICYCLE THEFT – Officers responded to a bicycle theft on Beaconsfield Rd. where the reporting party claimed that their bike was stolen from the laundry room in the building that they reside in. 

1/29/2021 BURGLARY ATTEMPT – Officers responded to an attempted breaking and entering from the previous night on Washington St. The reporting party claimed that the rear door to their establishment was smashed in. However, nothing in the establishment was missing or out of place. Detectives are currently in the process of a follow up.


1/31/2021 BREAK AND ENTER OF MOTOR VEHICLE – Officers responded to a B & E of a motor vehicle on Foster St. where the reporting party stated that they returned to their parked car and stuff was rummaged through.

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