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Friday, February 19, 2021

February 18, 2021

 2/17/2021 MOTOR VEHICLE B&E - Officers took a report for a motor vehicle break and enter on Fuller St. The victim returned to their vehicle with their items rummaged through. Detectives are currently searching for surveillance of the area.

2/17/2021 IDENTITY THEFT - Officers took a report of potential identity fraud where the reporting party stated that someone called them claiming to be from Amazon. The caller warned that the victim's account was compromised and that they needed to provide their personal information. Upon doing so, a transaction was attempted to be made on the victim's card. This prompted them to contact police to report fraud.

2/17/2021 SIMPLE ASSAULT - Officers took a report of simple assault where the victim reported that while waiting at a bus stop on Commonwealth Ave., a subject approached them and along with some remarks, spat on the victim's face. Detectives are currently searching for surveillance around the area. 

2/17/2021 ASSAULT AND BATTERY - Officers responded to a report for assault on Webster St. The victim reported that they approached the subject in a restricted area for employees. The interrogation lead the subject to shove the employee and then they proceeded to leave the building. Officers are currently examining camera footage in the building.

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